FoxFury Releases Next Generation Headlamps/Helmet Lights

FoxFury Releases Next Generation Headlamps/Helmet Lights

Press Release Aug 09, 2017

Oceanside, CA, August 8th, 2017 — FoxFury® Lighting Solutions, LLC., a pioneer of innovative lighting solutions, has released a new lineup of Command and Discover Headlamps and Helmet Lights. These rugged and tough lights feature increased lumens, panoramic beams and True to Life™ LED technology.

True To Life™ Technology — New LED technology allows the user to see colors more accurately.

Panoramic Lighting — The only headlamp on the market with a panoramic design. See wider for better situational assessment.

Rugged Design — Durable and tough, these lights are waterproof, impact and fire resistant, and meet requirements of NFPA.

Increased Lumens — New LEDs are now also brighter and have a greater lumen output.


  • Now 65 Lumens
  • 35% Brighter


  • Now 100 Lumens
  • 38% Brighter


  • Now 200 Lumens
  • 66% Brighter

All headlamps and helmet lights have a rear flashing LED for high visibility (be seen up to 1 mile away).

"FoxFury Command and Discover headlamps have helped tens of thousands around the world to work safer and respond faster. We're excited to offer better and brighter panoramic lighting with these new models to deliver a premium lighting experience," said Antonio Cugini, Director of Marketing of FoxFury.

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FoxFury Headlamps/Helmet Lights are professional grade lighting tools that provide spot and flood lighting. They are powered by (4) AA batteries (not included). Rechargeable units come with a rechargeable NiMH battery and AC plug adapter.

A front light bar and rear battery pack evenly distribute the weight of the light from side to side and front to back, which prevents the light from leaning forward or sideways. 

When used with a flexible elastic strap (included in some models), these lights can be worn as a headlamp on a ball cap or forehead. When used with the (included) silicone strap, the light grips onto safety helmets, including hard hats. It also can be worn on most traditional and modern style firefighter helmets (including US style firefighter helmets utilizing goggles, visors and Bourkes eye protection).

Adjustable tilt models allow the light bar to be aimed up or down to best illuminate the area and reduce the blinding of others. Different modes adjust light intensity based on what the immediate situation requires.

These Headlamps/Helmet Lights are versatile lighting tools for industrial professionals and first responders along with recreational enthusiasts. Get the right lighting tool for the right job: Click here


About FoxFury Lighting Solutions:

FoxFury Lighting Solutions makes innovative, premium, portable, anywhere lighting tools. Known for their cordless Nomad LED scene lights and panoramic headlamps since 2003, FoxFury has produced all-LED lighting solutions for professional markets including fire, police, military, industrial and photo/film. FoxFury Lighting Solutions is located in sunny Oceanside, CA. for more information.



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