Seminole State's EMS Program Manager to Attend Training at Harvard

September 22, 2011

SANFORD, Fla.–Angel Nater, program manager for Emergency Medical Services at Seminole State College of Florida, will attend a weeklong, immersive training program at Harvard University’s Institute for Medical Simulation.

The institute is a joint project of the Center for Medical Simulation and the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology.

“There’s more to simulation than pressing the start button,” says Angela Kersenbrock, associate vice president of the School of Career and Professional Programs. “Simulation is comparable to buying a video game. Initially, you can play the game, but you can’t advance to the highest level. It would take you a long time to get there. We want to learn from the best so we can save time ‘getting there.’ ”

Seminole State’s EMS program already uses sophisticated technology, including:

• Remotely controlled male, female and child patient simulators
• An ambulance simulator to teach students about patient care during transport to an emergency room
• An emergency department treatment room
• A “virtual IV” that teaches students how to insert an intravenous line

The Harvard training provides educational leaders and directors of simulation programs with a mix of theory, practice and feedback so that Nater and his colleagues understand how to most effectively use simulation within their programs.

A grant from the state’s Bureau of Emergency Medical Services will pay for 75% of Nater’s training, with the balance covered by the college. After attending the Comprehensive Instructor Workshop, Nater plans to attend the institute’s graduate course.

“We’ll take best practices learned in the training and integrate them into our program,” Nater says, but “the long-term goal is collaboration.”

“Seminole State will offer training to EMS programs at other colleges,” Nater says, “so that students throughout Florida who want to become first responders will have the benefit of cutting-edge simulation.”

Seminole State College's Emergency Medical Services programs are among the most progressive in Florida. The College offers advanced training in pre-hospital emergency medicine, allowing students to prepare for state licensure as emergency medical technicians and paramedics.