Kolimat USA Releases Dual Lens Motion-Activated Video Event Data Recorder

June 1, 2011

BROOKLYN, NY–Kolimat USA, a New York-based company, released in January 2011 its first dual lens motion-activated video event data recorder meeting ISO 9000/9001, ISO 14000 international quality standards and EC rating bureau approval in Europe.

Windshield mounted, it can be used on any kind of motor vehicle – from the smallest sedan to the largest truck or bus. Its refined algorithms working with its tri-axel accelerometers assures precise triggered events that can be played back on its integrated LCD; its proprietary software for full analysis with vehicle location overlaid on a Google TM map or are exportable for full motion play back using other codecs. A more complete driving picture emerges from geo-data (DIT) captured by the recorder’s built-in GPS receiver – these files are captured continuously and independently of the triggered events.

The DTW1.0 is a secure device – power source protected (No additional hardware is required) – secure SD, WPA protected & TKIP encrypted 802.11 b/g WIFI transfer connection as well as USB downloading capabilities.

Other notable features:

  • No Monthly Fees for managed services - Camera is sold complete with software. User owns and manages software and event files.
  • Free Software & Firmware Updates
  • Ability to record consecutive events – no time gaps between events
  • Equipped with IR LEDs for low light visibility
  • Video file frame rate – 12.5 f/sec.
  • Length of video file: up to 20 sec. before and after the trigger
  • Event recording capacity: up to 50 events on any of 6 available event sources
  • Critical events cannot be overwritten
  • Ability to interface with other on-board technology and devices
  • Built-in power supply to allow completion of event recording in case power is severed.
  • Full color LCD on camera for:
    - Front & rear lens video stream and event playback (password protected for event playback)
    - Camera function diagnostics pages
    - Device set-up menu (password protected)

Look for new developments coming soon.
To find out more on how the Kolimat DTW1.0 can help you keep your fleet safe, reduce costs and increase productivity, visit: www.kolimat.net or call 718/262-9550 and request a free, no obligation online demo.