In Motion Gateways Connect St. Louis-Area Responders

The St. Louis Area Regional Response System (STARRS) has deployed In Motion Technology solutions to enhance emergency communications and manage and coordinate responses across the St. Louis area. STARRS was formed in 2003 to coordinate funding, planning and disaster response for eight counties in the St. Louis region and includes nearly 200 fire departments, 55 hospitals, 90 police departments and other agencies serving 2.4 million people over 4,600 square miles. Using UASI grants, STARRS purchased onBoard Mobile Gateways for deployment in ambulances, fire apparatus, police, hazmat and command vehicles throughout the area.

"We selected In Motion Technology because they were the one mobile solution that could provide reliable, secure wireless communications and the management tools we needed to coordinate large-scale disaster responses across the region," said STARRS Executive Director Nick Gragnani. "With gateway-equipped vehicles, emergency responders in the St. Louis area will have unparalleled access to real-time information to direct assets, manage personnel and save lives. Firefighters can send live video from inside buildings, and medics will be able to send real-time EKG information to hospitals."

STARRS features a first-of-its-kind patient tracking system that allows emergency personnel to track the location and status of victims using hundreds of mobile wireless devices, including handheld bar code scanners, laptops and PDAs--all of which now feature reliable, secure connectivity.

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