New, Ergonomic Steering Wheel Keyboard Holder Alleviates Posture Pain

Costa Mesa, CA -- August 7, 2006 -- Computers in police cars have been indisputably beneficial to law enforcement operation and safety for years. However, computers in police cars also come with ergonomic risks. Console mounted laptops and keyboards require police to angle their bodies to the right in order to use the keyboard. This creates an unnatural rotation in which their back, wrists, hands, neck, and shoulders are positioned incorrectly and could lead to pain or other long-term posture problems. A detachable keyboard that fits on a keyboard holder mounted securely over the steering wheel in an ergonomically correct position is an easy, cost-effective solution to this problem.

Mary Munger, a police officer for over 19 years, uses the Steering Wheel Keyboard Holder everyday in her police vehicle. "I am an every day user of vehicle computers. My department has graduated to full report writing capabilities, which means that all computer work is done from behind the steering wheel," she says. "I can tell you from personal experience that by using the Steering Wheel Keyboard Holder, I can remain in my patrol car for longer periods of time, write reports, do records checks, and still be in a comfortable position. The officer safety benefits are that my field of vision remains up, because I am sitting in the same position that I would as if I was driving down the street. My chiropractor loves it and has one on display in his office."

StacoSwitch's indestructible, waterproof keyboards and new "Steering Wheel Keyboard Holder" allow users to input data into vehicle-mounted computers and laptops comfortably with both hands while remaining focused in a forward position without physical contortion.

Benefits of the Steering Wheel Keyboard Holder:

  • Ergonomically Correct Typing Position
  • Back and Neck Strain Reduced
  • Field of Vision to Remains Focused Forward
  • Place for Notes on Top Easel
  • Keyboards and Most Laptops Fit onto Unit
  • Stable Typing Platform

About StacoSwitch:

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