Sedgwick County EMS Enhances Emergency Responses with In Motion Technology

System status management ensures the right response at the right time

Wichita, KS, Vancouver, BC, and Aiken, SC, October 12, 2011In Motion Technology and Bradshaw Consulting Services, Inc. has  announced that Sedgwick County Emergency Medical Service has deployed the onBoard™ Mobile Gateway and MARVLIS™ (Mobile Area Routing and Vehicle Location Information System) to improve communications and increase efficiency in its emergency dispatch, routing and operations, improving response times and patient outcomes.

Sedgwick County Emergency Medical Service is the primary agency in Sedgwick County responsible for ALS prehospital care and transportation of area residents. In 2010, Sedgwick County EMS responded to 52,815 calls for service and is a regional BLS Training Center for the American Heart Association.

Sedgwick County Emergency Medical Service EMS Director Scott Hadley said, “We needed a communications platform and software solution that would support our latest enhancements and upgrades to dispatch and deployment practices, automated scheduling, and patient care reporting for the entire health care system. In Motion Technology and Bradshaw Consulting Services are providing us with the tools we needed to support our mobile healthcare technology to benefit the citizens of Sedgwick County.”

MARVLIS provides the ability for EMS agencies to execute dynamic System Status Management—the practice of extrapolating, based on past calls, the likelihood and location of future calls for help.  With this knowledge in hand, EMS agencies can position ambulances in areas where these calls are most likely to occur, reducing total response times and ultimately improving patient outcomes. The onBoard Mobile Gateway, besides providing secure and reliable communications for ECGs, patient care reports, and other on-board devices, plays a critical role in dispatch and vehicle location, because if communications are not reliable, dispatch information cannot be shared with crews as needed.  

Bradshaw Consulting Services, Inc., is a market leading provider of unique software solutions that help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of local public safety agencies with Geographic Information Systems (“GIS”), enhances Sedgwick County EMS’ dispatch and deployment with the Mobile Area Routing & Vehicle Location Information System (MARVLIS™).  MARVLIS is bringing fundamental changes to the management and deployment of time sensitive services such as intelligent routing, live geographical display of current resources, and on-demand innovative analysis.  MARVLIS is a family of integrated products designed to reach the bottom line: saving time by getting the right resources to the right location at the right time to best meet Sedgwick County EMS needs.

“Sedgwick County EMS is recognized for its dedication to health care innovations and In Motion Technology is pleased to have been selected as their partner for mobile networking and emergency communications," said Tony Morris, In Motion Technology’s vice president of sales and marketing.

Tony Bradshaw, President, Bradshaw Consulting Services, Inc., said “We are privileged to be a part of Sedgwick County EMS’ team to provide the most accurate deployment strategies and emergency routing for the citizens of Sedgwick County.”

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