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Larson Electronics' Magnalight Announces Addition of Amber Magnetic Mount LED Beacon

October 25, 2011

KEMP, TX–Larson Electronics' Magnalight has announced the release of an Amber LED Strobe Beacon with magnetic mounting and a quad flash strobe pattern. The LEDSB-QF12V Amber Strobe Beacon is designed for portability and offers easy setup and high power for applications where mounting versatility is desired. Able to operate on voltages ranging from 9-32 VDC and equipped with a cigarette plug cord, this LED beacon is easily mounted on vehicles, work equipment, or boats and provides an exceptional signal with 360 degrees of visibility.

The Magnalight LEDSB-QF12V LED strobe beacon is a powerful signal beacon containing 120 LEDs housed within an amber polycarbonate lens that produces a flash with 360 degrees of visibility. Waterproof and shock resistant, this beacon is designed for rugged use and suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. A single 100 lbs grip magnetic mount is sealed within a rubber base to provide easy and secure mounting to metallic surfaces without causing scratches or damage to vehicle finishes. The solid state circuitry contained within this LED beacon produces a quad flash pattern with four flashes per second and automatically adjusts the incoming voltage, allowing this unit to operate with any voltage from 9 to 32 volts DC. A 16 foot coil cord ending in a cigarette plug adapter provides simple connection to any vehicle or equipment equipped with a cigarette plug socket. The LED design of this strobe beacon strobe beacon produces a signal that has none of the dark spots or unevenness of incandescent beacons and gives this unit the long operational life typical of LEDs. Measuring only 4.75" high and 5" in diameter, this beacon is moderately sized and easily fits almost any application without the need for extra hardware or wiring. Magnetic mounting and a cigarette plug power connector allows operators to simply switch this unit from one vehicle to another as needed, making it an ideal signal beacon solution for security services, warehouses, snow plowing, and similar applications where frequent vehicle and equipment changes occur.

"The LEDSB-QF12V Amber Strobe Beacon is an economical, long life alternative to standard strobes and rotators for amber warning lights," said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics' "We have encapsulated the 150 pound magnetic base in a heavy rubber protective layer to protect a vehicle’s finish. Complete with a cigarette plug, this 12 volt LED flashing beacon is ideal for vehicle warning applications."

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