Safety Vision SV-1500 Flashlight DVR

Safety Vision’s SV-1500 DVR Flashlight is a three-in-one solution operating as a flashlight, a still-photo camera, and a handheld video recorder. As a DVR, the SV-1500 allows video capture, recording up to 8 GB of video/photos to a microSD™ card. Recorded content can be easily accessed by connecting a USB cable to the flashlight.

  • As a DVR, the SV-1500 allows you to capture the scene, recording up to 8 GB of video/photos to a microSD™ card. Easily access recorded content by connecting the USB cable to the flashlight
  • As a camera, the SV-1500 has 17 infrared LEDs and enables you to take crisp color photos by day and clear black & white photos in low light.
  • As a flashlight, the SV-1500 offers you three brightness levels, allowing you to adjust the amount of light you need to maneuver in the dark.
  • Includes 3 NiMH rechargeable C batteries that recharge in 6 hours or you can use alkaline batteries. Recharge batteries using the car adapter in your vehicle or the 12V AC-DC adapter for in-house charging.

About Safety Vision, L.P.

Safety Vision is a leading global provider of mobile video solutions, including onboard surveillance and collision avoidance camera systems. Components include mobile digital video recorders (MDVRs) for transit, police, school bus, commercial, and other fleet vehicles; user-friendly video viewing, sharing, and management software; rear-, side-, and forward-view interior and exterior cameras featuring infrared technology; and in-cab LCD monitors with built-in audio. Mobile recording solutions enable streamlined wireless downloading and simplified backend management of video, audio, and other system data. Extended service agreements and worldwide field installation available. Information: 800/880-8855 or 713/896-6600, or