Impact Instrumentation, Inc.

EMSA of Oklahoma Incorporates Newest Portable Ventilator Technology Into Fleet

West Caldwell, New Jersey: March 8, 2012--Impact Instrumentation announces its partnership with EMSA, Oklahoma's national leader in prehospital healthcare. EMSA’s decision to equip their fleet of ambulances with Impact’s AEV® CPAP/Bi-Level ventilator is expected to improve CPAP delivery and patient comfort.

EMSA officials said: “After extensive field testing and looking at several vendors, EMSA has partnered with Impact Instrumentation to purchase AEV® ventilators. We are rolling out the product system-wide in June 2012.

"We were having problems with fixed-flow devices or devices that were expensive to maintain. The AEV® ventilators can be preset, but quickly adjusted on the fly. With the multiple mask sizes, the patients have responded to them very well, and they are lightweight and easy to operate for the crews.”

The AEV® CPAP/Bi-Level ventilator is for patients ≥5 kg through adult and includes automatic leak compensation to help mitigate unnoticed mask leaks, pressure support to minimize work of breathing, Smart-Help™ to assist with alarm resolution and with its integral compressor can deliver FiO2 adjustable from 21% to 100% for patients who cannot tolerate oxygen. The energy-efficient AEV® consumes only 15W, operates for 10 hours, recharges in two hours and weighs less than 10 lbs.

The AEV® Portable Ventilator is manufactured in New Jersey by Impact Instrumentation, Inc. a medical device developer and manufacturer of respiratory products, mounting systems and measuring instrumentation.

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