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Tri-State Ambulance Enhances Strategic Deployment

March 7, 2012

LA CROSSE, WI and VANCOUVER, BC—In Motion Technology, the leader in mobile networking systems, announced today that Tri-State Ambulance, sole 9-1-1 advanced life support provider for the Seven Rivers Region, is enhancing their overall strategic deployment of emergency medical services with the onBoard Mobile Gateway.

Tri-State Ambulance's service area covers nearly 2,200 square miles and a population of approximately 150,000. Tri-State Ambulance proudly serves southwest Wisconsin, southeast Minnesota and northeast Iowa, and offers the most advanced pre-hospital patient care available to thousands of patients every year.

Part of Tri-State Ambulance's strategic deployment of emergency medical services includes:

    • System Status Management Plan, which posts ambulances in strategic locations throughout service areas to reduce emergency response times.
    • Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD), to determine the proper emergency response mode based upon the patient's medical condition.
    • Global Positioning System (GPS), transmits GPS information to the dispatch center software which automatically informs the dispatchers which ambulance to send based upon distance and projected response time.
    • Vehicle operator performance monitoring, wirelessly sends driver performance feedback to a centralized server for reporting and continuous quality improvement functions.
    • High Speed Wireless Internet Access, to access medical protocols, medication interaction resources, company intranet, paramedic training, reporting and e-mail, and local weather information.
    • Electronic Patient Care Reporting, to help ensure accuracy of patient care reporting and real-time quality assurance of paramedics.
    • External Bluetooth Antenna for broader 12-Lead range, to provide ERs with immediate patient ECG reports as connectivity goes from 30 feet to over 100 feet.

                "Since first implementing In Motion Technology's onBoard Mobile Gateway in 2007, our workforce have become more efficient and accountable and are able to provide a higher level of patient care with faster response times," said Tom Tornstrom, director of operations, Tri-State Ambulance. "We are able to better monitor vehicles and dispatch the closest ambulance and have been able to reduce the cost of emergency medical services."

                Future plans for Tri-State Ambulance include investigating asset management/tracking and the ability to provide patient telemedicine with recently acquired ambulances that can allow streaming video directly from a scene or patient compartment to the command center or ER.

                In Motion Technology's onBoard™ Mobile Gateway turns ambulances into wireless hotspots, providing seamless, secure connectivity to tablets, laptops, 12-Lead ECGs, scanners, and other devices in and around the ambulance. The onBoard™ Mobility Manager  provides the ability to analyze information from each Gateway in the field via a dashboard which shows ambulance GPS location, and monitors vehicle diagnostics, devices and networks.

                "We are honored that Tri-State Ambulance has been a customer for the past five years and relies on In Motion Technology for their strategic ambulance deployment," said Tony Morris, In Motion Technology's vice president of sales and marketing. "Hundreds of first responder, transit, utility and commercial fleets have entrusted In Motion Technology to transform operations, improve communications and reduce costs."

                About Tri-State Ambulance, Inc.

                Since 1970, Tri-State Ambulance, a non-profit organization, has served as the sole 9-1-1 advanced life support provider for the greater Seven Rivers Region. Covering nearly 2,200 square miles and serving a population of approximately 150,000, Tri-State provides primary emergency 9-1-1 response for much of La Crosse, Trempealeau, Vernon, and parts of Monroe and Crawford Counties of Wisconsin as well as Houston and Winona Counties of Minnesota. For more information, please visit Tri-State Ambulance at

                About In Motion Technology Inc.
                In Motion Technology is the leader in mobile networking systems that provide organizations with secure, manageable end-to-end communications, serving all systems in and around the vehicle using multiple broadband networks. The onBoard System includes onBoard Mobile Gateway (patented Mobile Wireless Hot Spot System, US Patent #7,382,771), a rugged in-vehicle mobile router, onBoard Connection Manager, a mobile-optimized security system and onBoard Mobility Manager, a powerful management platform. The system provides an integrated end-to-end solution that provides a common architecture for managing and extending the enterprise environment to mobile users. In Motion's solutions are used by hundreds of transportation, public safety, utility, municipal and healthcare organizations worldwide. For more information, please call Stephanie Hughes-White at 604/523-2371 ext.541 or visit In Motion Technology, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.