Va. Agencies Continue to Highlight Motorcycle Safety

As National Motorcycle Safety Awareness month reaches the end of its second full week, public safety agencies from across Virginia came together for the third time since May 1 to promote bike safety on two, three and four wheels. 

On Friday, May 11, the Rider Alert Program, AAA Mid Atlantic, The Virginia Office of EMS and Virginia State Police and PHI Helicopters made the trip west of the Blue Ridge Mountains to team up with Harrisonburg (VA) police, fire and EMS organizations to continue to deliver the ‘Think Bike’ message.

“The Shenandoah Valley is a beautiful destination for riding the mountains and passes of Virginia,” said Paul Helmuth, safety/wellness/EMS officer at the Harrisonburg Fire Department. “With warmer weather approaching and May recognized as ‘Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month,’ we would like to remind all drivers and riders to use caution as they share the roadways. Please ride safely.”

Richmond Ambulance Authority COO and Rider Alert Chair Rob Lawrence reminded all drivers whether on “anything from four to eighteen wheels to ‘think bike’ and take that extra glance before maneuvering, as a motorcycle is a third the width of a larger vehicle and therefore harder to spot at speed.” 

Lawrence was also able to convey the greetings of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and read a proclamation identifying May as Rider Safety month in the Commonwealth of Virginia:"To paraphrase the words of the proclamation, Virginia's climate and scenery make motorcycle riding a year-round attraction in the Commonwealth, and Virginia's many scenic roads and byways, including Skyline Drive and the historic Blue Ridge Parkway, are among the nation's finest roads for motorcycling, and to be in that very locality today helps us reinforce the message that our focus must be to keep this beautiful corner of Virginia accident free."

Also delivering a key message was Nazim Adam, MD, of Harrisonburg Emergency Physicians who highlighted the need for motorcyclists to carry a Rider Alert Card, as riders equipment and clothing is often removed to facilitae primary surveys and the helmet may be the only thing that makes it to the hospital with the rider.

Further safety events are planned in Virginia and beyond and more news of Rider Alert's expansion will follow in due course.

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