EM Innovations, Inc.

E M Innovations Introduces New Medication Safety Products

Medication errors tend to be associated with hospitals, but they can happen anywhere and especially in the fast-paced prehospital environment.   

EMS needs to have the tools and systems in place to eliminate medication errors. E M Innovations introduces simple and effective new products to help prevent medication errors.

These simple products help to introduce systems in which vials and packaging with similar appearances, look alike or sound alike, are marked or distinguished to avoid choosing the wrong medication. E M Innovations' new line of high alert labeling, shrink bands and storage options to segregate high alert medications are great tools to prevent medication mix-ups and to draw attention to the medications, as well as verify strength and expiration dates.

The drug shortage crisis has opened opportunities for more errors to occur. Different strengths, manufacturers and packaging can lead to errors. The goal is to have systems in place so an error cannot occur.

E M Innovations provides a range of error prevention and medication safety items to help provide safe storage and promote safe use of medications. Visit our medication safety category at www.eminnovations.com/medicationsafety to review these new tools that might just eliminate the next potential for error.