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Wis. EMS Agencies Choose Aladtec’s EMS Manager to Improve Workforce Management

There are many ways to schedule employees: paper calendar, whiteboard, spreadsheet or computer software. All of these have obvious drawbacks and cause various degrees of “pain.” When an agency adopts the right online employee scheduling system, the pain goes away.

“We believe that we will save over 200 hours a year,” estimates Brian Allen, MS, EMT-IT, NREMT-B & EMS Administrator, Platteville EMS, Platteville, Wisconsin. “EMS Manager also offered ways of electronically keeping track of expiration dates for certifications, which I was currently keeping track of on paper and EMS Manager allows me to personalize the system as far as certificate tracking and expiration's are concerned.”

Online employee scheduling systems allow any approved user to access the data 24/7/365 from anywhere with internet access. EMS Manager features a mobile web app so users can even check the schedule, send group messages, submit time off, submit trades, and sign up for open shifts on their smartphone or other mobile device.

EMS Manager is easy to implement and easy to learn. “I put the current month’s schedule in and sent out an email with people's log in information. Our crew seemed to pick it up really easy. We didn't even do a formal training on it which is abnormal for a new computer program. Even the computer haters seem to like the program,” explains Joshua Kowalke, Director Reedsburg Area Ambulance Service, Reedsburg, Wisconsin.

By implementing an online employee scheduling and workforce management system agencies improve efficiency within their department. “EMS Manager will save us money by reducing the number of hours a year spent on working on the schedule, thus allowing us to use those hours in other areas,” states Allen.

About Aladtec
Aladtec, Inc. is a provider of web-based software solutions for online employee scheduling and workforce management applications. The company’s flagship products, EMS Manager and FIRE Manager, are leaders in the public safety sector. Together with their newest product, Zanager, they serve over 800 EMS agencies, fire departments, police departments and other businesses. Nearly 50,000 employees use Aladtec’s online employee scheduling and workforce management products. Aladtec is headquartered just outside the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area in Hudson, Wisconsin. For more information, visit