Traumasoft Bringing Mobile ePCR to Market

June 21, 2012

KALAMAZOO, MI—Traumasoft announced today a companion mobile app for its NEMSIS Gold Compliant ePCR solution. The mobile app, due to be released within the next few weeks, will be available for both Apple iOS and Android platforms, and aims "to improve data collection and allow first responders and EMS field crews to focus on patient care," says Brian Balow, president of Traumasoft.

EMS crews and first responders are the first to provide medical treatment, and while focused on providing optimal patient care, still need to be cognizant of accurate record keeping. Many resort to writing notes on medical tape attached to a pant leg or writing in ink on their arms. They are then required to input this data into a patient charting program that is subsequently communicated to a hospital and their organization's billing department. In the adrenaline rush of saving lives, it is difficult to remember medications and vitals, which are taken constantly during an emergency transport.

Traumasoft's companion mobile ePCR application helps to combat the issues of emergency care by providing an intuitive interface to track vitals, medications, capture signatures and communicate that data to necessary parties. All Traumasoft ePCR companion mobile app users are able to export data via e-mail, while Traumasoft clients are able to sync the data with their computer aided dispatch systems, billing and their Traumasoft NEMSIS Gold Compliant ePCR accounts—all improving the accuracy of patient charting and billing practices.

Traumasoft is anticipating a release within the next few weeks, with a native iOS app and compatible Android app. The companion app runs on both phones and tablets. App pricing is yet to be determined, but will be free for current customers.

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About Traumasoft
Traumasoft is focused on the design and delivery of hosted, Web-based solutions for the emergency medical service industry. Traumasoft was founded in 2006 by EMS and software development professionals each with more than 20 years of experience. Traumasoft is headquartered in Kalamazoo, MI, and employs people with a passion for EMS and a dedication to high quality solutions. Traumasoft is determined to make EMS operations more efficient, more cost-effective, more customer- and employee-friendly and higher revenue producing.