Case Study: Queen Anne’s County Drives Operational Efficiency with AmbuTrak

Using AmbuTrak's inventory management system has netted this agency $27,800 in supply cost savings

Morris and the department have also taken advantage of AmbuTrak’s capability to track when uniforms are issued to employees, as well as field uniform requests from employees. One of the newest features offered by AmbuTrak is the ability to track routine maintenance of EMS fleets. A work order is automatically generated by the system when a vehicle is in need of an oil change. Morris says they are working on improving how repairs are documented and have used AmbuTrak to log how many hours units are out of service and how much it costs per mile to operate each unit.

According to Morris, AmbuTrak’s customer service is top notch and always available to answer any questions. AmbuTrak comes with built-in quality control and continually surveys crews to gather vital feedback on pilot programs and computer maintenance. Once employees have answered the questions, the responses are automatically e-mailed to the appropriate contacts.

AmbuTrak has not only improved the workflow at Queen Anne’s County but it has also improved the bottom line, says Morris. Before implementing the new system, the department stocked three stations with exact same amount of supplies at a cost of $17,000 per station. They now stock just one station with $17,000 worth of supplies and four other stations with only $1,700 worth of supplies adding up to $27,800 in supply cost savings.

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