National EMS Memorial Service and Air Medical Memorial Present the Memorial Ultimate Challenge

Denver, CO--The National EMS Memorial Service and Air Medical Memorial Boards have joined forces to raise funds for the building of their respective memorials.

The challenge: Each EMS agency in the country is challenged to raise $1,000 and each air medical program is challenged to raise $3,000 by December 31, 2012. If this challenge is successful, both memorials could be built in the coming year.

Founded in 1991, the mission of the National EMS Memorial Service is to honor and remember those men and women of America's emergency medical services who have given their lives in the line of duty, and to recognize the sacrifice they have made in service to their communities and to their fellow man.

To date, over 600 individuals have been honored. The National EMS Memorial is not a single event but rather a weekend of events centered around the ceremony known as the National EMS Memorial Service. The memorial will be built on land already secured in an area known as Memorial Park in Colorado Springs, CO.

Founded in 2009 in response to a previous year of an alarmingly high crash rate and line of duty deaths in the air medical industry, the Air Medical Memorial is a national memorial that honors all flight crew members who died in the line of duty. This includes the pilots and medical crewmembers of both helicopter (HEMS) and airplane (FWEMS) operations. The memorial will be located southwest of the Denver metropolitan area in Littleton, Colorado. To date there are 358 names that will be inscribed on the memorial wall.

The Air Medical Memorial also includes a Survivors Garden dedicated to those who have lost loved ones, survived accidents, struggled with post-traumatic stress, or who otherwise consider themselves “survivors” in a broader sense.

For the past two years, the memorial ceremonies have taken place over the course of a long weekend in June with the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride serving as a connector between the sites of the two future memorials.

While each memorial has unique and individual purpose, there are also many opportunities for collaboration to help both memorials best serve the honorees, their families, friends, colleagues, and communities. The Memorial Ultimate Challenge is not only an example of this collaboration, but also an invitation to all who serve in the EMS and air medical communities to join together in what will be a significant step forward in taking care of their own.

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