MobileDemand Introduces New xTablet T7200 Rugged Tablet PC

MobileDemand, a leading Tablet PC provider, introduces the rugged xTablet T7200, the next generation of the industry leading xTablet T7000 Tablet PC.

Septermber 17, 2012

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA—MobileDemand, a leading Tablet PC provider, today introduces the rugged xTablet T7200, the next generation of the industry leading xTablet T7000 Tablet PC. The xTablet T7200 meets Military 810G standards for drops and shocks and has an IP65 sealant rating to protect against water and dust. It combines the functionality of a notebook, full Windows OS of a tablet and the portability and data collection capabilities of a handheld in a light-weight slate form factor. The reliability of the xTablet T7200 is ideal for any environment including transportation, field service, food and beverage distribution, manufacturing, warehousing, military and public sector.

The 7” high resolution touch screen display with revolutionary new xView Pro technology features a reflective mode for enhanced viewing in the most intense sunlight and a back-lit transflective mode for superior viewing in low light or indoor conditions. In addition, xTablet T7200 offers a built-in numeric keypad, optional bar code scanner, 802.11a/g/n Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0 and optional 4G LTE or 3G Gobi 3000 radio WWAN connectivity. Plus, the all new supercharged Intel® Atom processor with dual core provides 2.35 times better CPU performance and 3.93 times better disk performance to handle graphic intensive applications at a lower price than other high-end processors.

“The xTablet T7200 is our latest innovation and addition to the MobileDemand Rugged Tablet PC line-up. It features our new xView Pro display technology which not only significantly conserves battery life, it offers enhanced viewing in bright sunlight to better serve the productivity needs of field workers anywhere. This reliable new rugged tablet PC offers long-term savings. Plus it has an upgraded processor for more power and performance to help users get more work done in less time,” says MobileDemand President Matt Miller.

Rugged Workhorse with the Power and Performance for Demanding Applications

The xTablet T7200 is built military rugged with an IP65 sealant rating for dust and water and MIL-STD 810G drop, vibration and humidity rating, and operates in temperatures from -4F to +140F. This fully rugged tablet will provide near 100% uptime in mission critical line of business applications providing long-term savings over non-rugged devices. xTablet T7200 supports both the N2600 and N2800 Intel Atom processor with dual core with 2GB RAM, 32-128GBs m-SATA solid state hard drive to support more complex and multiple applications than earlier Atom versions, thus giving mobile workers all the speed and capacity they need at competitive pricing. The xTablet T7200 supports multiple security options including built-in Smart Card (CAC) Reader, keeping work safe whether done in a secure office or in the field miles away. Additionally, the xTablet T7200 has a sleek design and is small and light-weight making it easy to carry all day without fatigue.

A Bright Sunlight-readable, Power Saving Display for Longer Battery Life

The xView Pro display is unlike any other in the industry offering 35% improved battery life over similar devices. The xView Pro display system has automatic light sensing capability allowing it to read the ambient light levels and adjust the backlight down or even off to provide optimum visual performance while minimizing power usage. The xView Pro display provides the full motion video and full color capacity expected in a rugged tablet while providing superior, high contrast viewing in the brightness of sunlight.

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