Eureka Fire Protection District Search and Rescue Team Hosts 2012 Canine SAR Conference

Eureka Fire Protection District -- The Canine Search and Recovery (CSAR) 2012 Conference was held at Camp Wyman in Eureka, MO, October 14–19.

CSAR is an international organization that was incorporated in 1996. The organization provides training, networking and education for search dog handlers and promotes the increased use of search dogs in all aspects of detection. All breeds and types of search dogs are represented in CSAR's membership.

Search work done by CSAR dog/handler teams cover all aspects of search and detection including, but not limited to, missing persons, evidence recovery, arson and cadaver recovery. One hundred (100) canine teams were expected to participate in the conference. Courses in trailing, area search, land cadaver searches and water cadaver searches were offered.

The Eureka Fire Protection District Search and Rescue Team consists of canine, mounted, ground and communications elements. The team is comprised of about 35 volunteers including nurses, firefighters and police officers.

The team was formed in 2002 after the Eureka Fire Protection District recognized that there was a need for trained volunteers when searching for lost, injured or missing persons. It has grown from a mounted-only unit to a multi-disciplinedt search team with its own communications and support capabilities, along with trained planning and management personnel.

The team has SAR expertise in incident command/search operations, communications, mounted search, canine search and technical large animal emergency rescue.

All team members train year round in back country travel including map and compass, global positioning system (GPS) use, communications, first aid, evidence preservation and search and rescue operations.

When dispatched, each member of the team responds to the search area with equipment, first-aid supplies and two-way radios for communication with search coordinators and other team members.

Searches include locating downed aircraft, lost hunters, hikers, or children, crime scene / evidence searches, and other emergency or disaster situations.

For additional information contact Scott Barthelmass, Public Information Officer, Eureka Fire Protection District, at 314-565-2480 or via email at, or Deputy Chief Randy Gabel, via email at