Paramedic Pro application for Golden-i headset Computer Saves Time and Improves Patient Care

Nottingham, UK, November 7th 2012 –Ikanos Consulting announces its Paramedic Pro medical application, which runs on the Golden-i wearable headset computer. The new application, available now, improves time efficiency and patient care for paramedics and field medical staff.

Providing a sophisticated and easy-to-use set of capabilities, Paramedic Pro allows healthcare workers to access and record vital information quickly on their Golden-i headsets – completely hands-free. A video demonstrating Paramedic Pro is online now at

Paramedic Pro provides video chat, audio recording and access to information at the point of care. With its built-in camera, Golden-i enables direct video communication between field medical staff andA&E, so experts at a hospital can assess a situation and provide timelyadvice. Paramedics can talk to colleagues using the headset’s video chat capabilities, and provide information to doctors so they can prepare for the patients’ arrival.

The application provides a standardized way to communicate data such as an estimated time of arrival (ETA) back to the hospital, and for staff on the scene to view the patient’s medical records. It also enables medical staff to view maps and use GPS to track their location.

Conceived by Kopin Corporation, Golden-i is a mobile, head-worn computer that has been designed as a wearable replacement for PCs where workers need to keep their hands free, helping toimprove safety, productivity and efficiency. It includes Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® connectivity, and provides a near-eye, virtual 15-inch PC display and near-ear speaker. It uses natural speech recognition and six-axis gesture sensing, and a camera to record and send images or streaming video.

“In emergencies, every second counts – Paramedic Pro provides the communications and information that medics need to save time, and to deliver the best possible patient care,” says James Woodall, CEO at Ikanos Consulting.  

Paramedic Pro runs on Ikanos Consulting’s Gi-OS mobile operating system, which provides built-in applications including a fully-featured email program, a file browser, a web browser and a media player. Ikanos is also developing Gi-OS-based applications for other industry sectors, and has the capabilities to createbespoke software solutions as required by specific customers.

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Founded in 2007, Ikanos Consulting is the software expertise behind creating the innovative Gi-OS mobile operating system for Golden-i computer headsets. Golden-i is a lightweight wearable computer headset technology platform that has been replacing fixed PCs, laptops and handheldcomputers where workers need to keep their hands on the job. Gi-OS is operated by voice recognition and head gesture, allowing the users to access workingdocuments and product information, and to record and send real-time streaming video to a colleague back at base, all with their hands free. Gi-OS isavailable now, and Ikanos’ experienced software developers can integrate it into an existing IT infrastructure, helping companies to improve productivity, efficiency and health and safety in the workplace.