PowerPhone, Inc.

PowerPhone's New Disaster Response Training Class

October 1, 2012

MADISON, CT—9-1-1 professionals can now be even better prepared to respond to the disaster-related emergency calls that come ever more frequently into their call centers.

PowerPhone, Inc., a leader in 9-1-1 training and technology, recently launched its newest class, Disasters and the Dispatcher: Expecting the Unexpected, the foremost in disaster response training.

The new class features communication and planning techniques for call takers to have a direct impact on the successful outcome of any natural or man-made disaster, including floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and more. The class features proven methods of gathering the most pertinent information in the least amount of time and providing lifesaving pre-arrival instructions.

“Disaster calls are unique because they aren’t just settled after the dispatcher hangs up and responders arrive,” said Chris Salafia, president and CEO of PowerPhone. “Dispatchers need to be prepared to handle calls before, during and after the actual emergency occurs. They need to know how to handle devastation of both life and property. This class will prepare call takers to help their own communities during a time when their lives may be changed forever.”

One of the hallmarks of the Disasters and the Dispatcher workshop is each student receives a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) that they can tailor and implement at their own agency. Students will benefit from advanced planning for continued operation of their agency during and shortly after a disaster. The class also trains dispatchers in the Level 100 Incident Command System (ICS), as mandated by the federal government.

PowerPhone’s Disasters and the Dispatcher: Expecting the Unexpected is now being scheduled across the U.S. Visit http://www.powerphone.com or call 800/537-6937 for more information.