Rhodium Suite Used to Manage Hurricane Sandy Response in Seven States

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO – As Hurricane Sandy made landfall on the night of October 29, in Atlantic City, NJ, emergency response agencies in seven states were relying on the Rhodium Incident Management Suite to manage their response to the storm. Fire and police agencies in NJ, NY, PA, OH, MD, MA, and ME utilized Rhodium Suite to track the status of resources and share mapping information between incident staff.

“We used Rhodium Suite to pin point down power lines, trees, and road closures,” said Lt. Lee O’Connor of Poland Fire Rescue (Maine).  “All of this information was logged from the fire station and view-able in real-time by our dispatch and units on the road. The time-stamped log that was generated will aid in completing our FEMA paperwork and will simplify our post-incident reporting process."

“All Rhodium Suite servers maintained 100% uptime during the storm,” said Andrew Greene, IRT’s lead software engineer. “Rhodium Suite servers are always monitored 24/7 to ensure optimum performance. During the storm, we increased support resources as a precaution; however, we are happy to report that those support resources were not utilized.”

About Incident Response Technologies, Inc.
Incident Response Technologies, Inc., has been providing cloud-based solutions for public safety organizations since 2005. IRT’s flagship product, the Rhodium Incident Management Suite, is currently in use throughout the United States and Canada by Police, Fire, EMS, Emergency Management, Campus Security, and other organizations. For more information on the Rhodium Incident Management Suite, visit IRT’s website at www.irtsoftware.com or call 866/260-7333.