Ambu SmartBaby Receives 2012 EMS World Innovation Award

Ambu Inc. of Glen Burnie, MD, and V4EMS of Los Angeles, CA, are pleased to announce Ambu SmartBaby, the newest member of the SmartMan Manikin Training family, is winner of a 2012 EMS World Innovation Award and

SmartBaby is an Intelligent Infant CPR Skills Feedback Training manikin designed to rapidly improve pediatric CPR. Using award winning SmartMan Visual Color Bar Feedback, you immediately see how you are performing skills on the baby manikin. SmartBaby is the easiest and fastest way to improve Infant CPR skills.

All SmartMan manikins are proven excellent effective feedback manikins. As suggested in the AHA Guidelines 2010, feedback manikins help improve CPR skills.

SmartBaby Key Features:

  • Lifelike infant manikin (6 months to 1 year old)
  • Excellent weight, look and feel
  • Judge air volume through visual color feedback or chest rise percentage
  • Score upon completion of an activity
  • Review performance, examine skills, view and print results
  • Immediate online secure archiving (unique feature).

SmartBaby Skills Covered:

  • Chest compressions: depth is 1/3-1/2 chest height; feedback on depth, rate and release
  • Ventilations: accurate inspire rate and volume
  • Ventilations special activity: Designed to practice correct rate of inspiration; also shows tidal view and release of the BVM
  • CPR: 1 Person CPR (30:2)
  • CPR: 2 Person CPR (15:2)

According to Ambu SmartMan Director Eric Fruitman, “We are very proud to announce SmartBaby. Finally there is a quick, easy and accurate way help improve pediatric CPR skills. What could be better than saving more babies’ lives?”

For more information go to Ambu SmartBaby, e-mail, or call 877/774-4323 for a price quote or demonstration.

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