Public-Private Partnership Provides ID Services for Democratic National Convention

MORGANTON, NC—Morganton-based Bridgeway Solutions partnered with Salamander Technologies, Midwest Card, North Carolina Emergency Management and numerous local emergency managers to provide tracking and credentialing support for the City of Charlotte during the Democratic National Convention (DNC).

Using Salamander Technologies’ resourceMGR, Mobile Express and consumable products provided by Datacard Group, technicians from Morganton, NC, Traverse City, MI, and Riverside, MO, were on scene to assist in the badging and tracking for more than 6,000 first responders. The advanced software and equipment made it possible to process each individual in less than two minutes including issuing photo identification specific to the convention.

Together, Bridgeway Solutions and its associates provided just under $50,000 in technical support, materials and travel-related expenses to the City of Charlotte for the DNC identification and badging process.

“Having technicians on-site from Bridgeway Solutions, Salamander Technologies and Midwest Card allowed us to effectively manage the software and equipment and provide check-in, resource tracking, and demobilization support,” said Glenn Wisbey, NCEM’s on-site technical representative.

“We are very pleased to have assisted in the badging for the DNC. Our technicians put their regular jobs on hold and were on-site 24/7 for the better part of two weeks,” said J. Michael Bridges, Bridgeway Solutions President and CEO. “It was a rare opportunity for us to showcase our identification solutions and abilities while supporting state, regional and local emergency management agencies.

Salamander's resourceMGR Web, COMMAND Work Centers and rapidTAG Work Centers provide tools to quickly and efficiently establish a command center, identify and qualify responding personnel and track personnel as they are assigned to various duties in an emergency response plan.

Using Salamander's interTRAX Exchange, command centers are able to share incident data in real time with off-scene agencies. The systems are interoperable allowing advanced communication and emergency management between properly equipped local and state agencies. The software and equipment provide resource management, situational awareness, interagency coordination and reporting between agencies and emergency response managers.

Prior to the DNC, Bridgeway Solutions supported the 48-hour "Vigilant Guard" exercise at Fort Bragg, which tracked over 900 National Guard personnel as they arrived for training exercises in preparation for the DNC.

Headquartered in Morganton, NC at 600 East Union Street, Bridgeway Solutions is the South’s leading provider of identification and credentialing solutions. Bridgeway provides sales, onsite technical support, consulting and integration services from its regional technical centers located at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Raleigh and Atlanta.