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How does your department handle last-minute staffing emergencies? Are your managers spending countless hours on the phone, practically begging employees to come back to work? Are you still relying on outdated technologies and manually maintaining a spreadsheet to rank and notify your employees of open work shifts?

If your organization struggles to fill open work shifts, can eliminate the headaches associated with overtime and open shift scheduling. Designed to rival other high cost scheduling systems for a fraction of the price with incredible ease of use. For an open shift opportunity, managers can simply log in and select the type of employee needed to fill the shift, and the system takes over. Its features are perfect for EMS Agencies, Fire Departments, Law Enforcement, and search and rescue operations.

Taking into account any union or organization rules & policies, the system automatically generates a properly ranked list of all eligible employees who match the criteria for your shift. For example, users can be easily excluded if they are already scheduled to be at work for that day, or if they have selected to be “unavailable” for that date. Employees can either sign up to dates, or 'opt-out' depending on your organization policies. For open work shift notifications, employees choose their personal preference of either receiving a text (SMS) message, automated phone call, or alpha page notification with the shift details. Every employee is given a predetermined amount of time to respond to the 'CallBack' before the system moves on to the next person in the list.

Employees respond directly to the 'CallBack' by text message or the automated touch-tone phone interface. Users can also log into their personal Web profile at anytime to see all available work shifts—accepting or denying them at anytime. If an employee misses the call or is unable to respond immediately, he can call the toll-free phone number and hear the shifts available to him. On successful fulfillment of the work shift, employees are then automatically reordered in the list, depending on organizational procedures. This ensures the system is fair and equitable, and the right employees are being called in the right order—every time!

Deadlines can be set for shift fulfillment, ensuring that last-minute open work shifts are filled fast and that employees are given plenty of time to consider those future work shifts. Managers can fill multiple positions at once, by simply selecting the number of employees needed for the shift. This makes staffing an extra unit or doing those pesky parade or event scheduling a breeze!

The system is fair, equitable, and user friendly. Employees can log in at anytime and see their current position in the system as well as view detailed history logs for all previous 'CallBack' and notifications. Users can be assigned to any number of groups (shifts, specialty assignment, and so on) for quick and easy notifications. Multiple titles can be assigned to employees for an employee who can fill multiple roles (i.e., a Paramedic capable of working as a Crew Cheif, etc).

Custom lists sorting rules are implemented for every organization. Does your organization dictate that only those employees who have a certain amount of overtime hours are contacted first, or that employees who accept a work shift are automatically moved to the back of the “list”? Any sorting rule can be easily accommodated and customized to your needs.

Along with the flagship CallBack feature, group notifications can be quickly sent as well. Relay important messages to all of your employees, certain groups, or by title; such as “Case Review reminder next Tuesday, 6pm” or to your specialty teams such as “Wilderness rescue team activation, all team members report.” Users receive the messages instantly via their preference of text message (SMS), phone call or alpha page. Hundreds of these notifications can be sent in a matter of minutes.

Shift scheduling is now a breeze with the built in 'Crew Scheduler'. The scheduler is a robust module that allows managers the ability to schedule out their entire organization, all from within one centralized location. Employees and managers alike can log in from anywhere and see when and where they are scheduled to work. Integrated shift trading and scheduled time off requests are also included in the system, as well as document and file storage.

Designed with feedback from Fire & EMS Departments across the country, the system is always in active development, with new features added frequently. We are currently seeking departments for a commitment-free, fully functional 30-day trial period.