Tait Taps Public Safety Executive for CIO Position

December 7, 2012

HOUSTON, TX—An executive with considerable information technology experience in public safety and utility organizations has been appointed Global Chief Information Officer at Tait Communications, a global leader in providing critical radio communication solutions.

John Emerson has extensive experience in the public sector, having spent 24 years working overseas in CIO roles for public safety and utility organizations in the United States, and 12 years in New Zealand.

He recently returned to New Zealand from California, where he held CIO positions with the City of Ventura and also for Stanislaus County.

Frank Owen, Tait CEO, says: “I’m delighted that John is joining us during such an exciting time, as the company expands into new markets, technologies and services. He will be pivotal in delivering new services and supporting capabilities that further enhance the way we work day-to-day with our global customers in the public safety and utility sectors.”

Mr. Emerson says Tait is entering an exciting phase for information and communication technology.

“Forward-thinking leaders in public safety agencies and utilities fully understand that, to continue to provide critical services at the same levels, they must effectively apply technology to address their operational and performance challenges.”

“For many customers, older technologies have not kept up with operational needs, such as business process improvement and mobile computing. Moving to modern cloud-based systems, however, has created opportunities to directly meet customer needs, and architectures based on open standards are delivering greater flexibility, opening up choice and long-term value for customers.”

“It’s an exciting time to be coming on board, and I look forward to further enhancing the already high standard of service and support that Tait is committed to providing to its global customers,” concludes Mr Emerson.

About Tait Communications
Tait Communications is a global leader in designing, delivering and managing innovative communications solutions that help utilities and public safety organizations to keep the lights on and communities safe. Radio communications is at the heart of our business. We provide world-class turnkey solutions for challenging environments from the Gobi Desert to South American jungles, from highly populated cities to vast rural communities. Every day, in over 150 countries and supported by an extensive network of global facilities, thousands of customers benefit from the Tait way of working: commitment to listen, courage to act and integrity to deliver what's promised.