Redesigned Steering Wheel Keyboard Holder Maximizes Performance

Redesigned Steering Wheel Keyboard Holder Maximizes Performance

Press Release Jul 21, 2007

Costa Mesa, CA -- July 24, 2007 -- StacoSwitch has announced the introduction of a uniquely designed compact Steering Wheel Keyboard Holder, the SWKH-UA. The new device complements the already popular larger Steering Wheel Keyboard Holder by providing an alternative attachment method that works in virtually all vehicles with a tilt steering wheel. The redesigned keyboard holder is now flat, smaller, lighter, is positioned under the airbag, and can be used without obstructing the horn.

The steering wheel keyboard holder is designed to minimize the ergonomic shortcomings of console mounted laptops and keyboards that require the user to twist sideways to operate them effectively. This creates an unnatural rotation in which their back, wrists, hands, neck, and shoulders are positioned incorrectly and often lead to pain or other long-term posture problems. Even using a detached keyboard on the user's lap creates major ergonomic issues. A detachable keyboard or laptop that fits on a keyboard holder mounted securely onto the steering wheel in a comfortable position is an easy, cost-effective solution to this problem.

Most law enforcement departments expect their officers to write reports and perform record checks while out in the field. Thanks to the Steering Wheel Keyboard Holders, police officers are able to remain in their vehicles while working and are still able keep their field of vision focused in front of them.

The smaller size not only provides safer in-vehicle use but it can now be securely stored between the console and passenger seat or under a seat or in a compartment. Cup-holder holes have been added, reducing weight and improving utility. The compact size allows officers to remove the device quickly in case of an emergency.

About StacoSwitch:
Based in Southern California, StacoSwitch has been a leading provider of Rugged Keyboards and Keypads, Tactile Feedback Touchscreen Solutions, Lighted Pushbutton Display Switches and Indicators, Lighting and Switching Electronic Controllers, LED Products, and Digital Pulse Dimmers worldwide for over 40 years. StacoSwitch serves a wide variety of highly reliable switch markets from the extreme demands of U.S. military and law enforcement to extended repetitive wear conditions in commercial markets, from caustic hazardous waste environments to crucial medical instrumentation fields. StacoSwitch continues to be a leader with field proven experience in these demanding, rapidly growing global markets. For specific inquiries or any additional questions about StacoSwitch products, please contact us: Ph 714.549.3041, Fax 714.549.0930, web site, or via email Shop online at

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