BloodSTOP Acts to Control Bleeding in Less than One Minute

BloodSTOP Acts to Control Bleeding in Less than One Minute

Press Release Dec 20, 2011

November 16, 2011

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA—LifeSciences PLUS' BloodSTOP wants to change the way that people treat life's everyday cuts and scrapes. Once this 100% natural hemostatic agent is placed on a wound, it reacts with blood and other body fluids to form a gel that seals the wound and remains until it heals. BloodSTOP works to control blood loss much faster than traditional methods and is easily washed off with water as the wound begins to heal.

"This is really a totally new way to care for those everyday cuts and scrapes," said Vicky Feng, CEO of LifeSciences PLUS. "There is no need for adhesives or tape. You simply cut a piece of BloodSTOP to the size of the wound you are treating and put it in place. When it comes in contact with blood it forms a gel that promotes clotting and quickly controls bleeding. It forms a protective barrier and is water soluble meaning you can simply wash it away without disturbing the wound as you might when removing a bandage."

BloodSTOP was originally developed for use in surgery and can now be found in sports stadiums, emergency responders' first aid kits, hospital emergency rooms, dental clinics, military field applications and veterinary clinics. Using a proprietary method, cotton cellulose is etherized and oxidized creating a highly absorbent, water soluble matrix; it is a non-irritating, environmentally friendly and cost effective method for treating many different wounds.

BloodSTOP quickly absorbs blood and other body fluids forming a gel that seals the wound, aids in blood clotting and helps create a proper environment for wound healing. It can easily be cut to fit everything from small shaving nicks to larger cuts and scrapes. Since there are no adhesives used there is no discomfort or disruption of wound surfaces caused by the removal of bandaging materials.

"BloodSTOP is the type of product that consumers should always have in their first aid kit or car for home or travel emergencies," said Feng. "Whether used for a child's nosebleed, a shaving cut or sports injury, it will safely and quickly stop bleeding."

BloodStop has received FDA market clearance for both prescription and over the counter sales. For more information please visit the website at

About LifeScience PLUS
LifeScience PLUS, is a leading manufacturer and developer of wound care products and is dedicated to providing high-quality, cost-effective medical solutions to improve the quality of medical and home care. Based in Mountain View, CA, well-known as a high-tech hub, LifeScience PLUS provides the revolutionary line of BloodSTOP hemostatic products for medical professionals, emergency medical technicians, military personnel and general dentists and specialists. BloodSTOP is made of etherized oxidized regenerated cellulose and is a cost effective method for covering wounds and cuts on the skin's surface. BloodSTOP can be found in drug stores, online or by mail order. For more information about BloodSTOP and/or to purchase the product please visit or call toll free 877/587-5433.

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