Pro EMS Using In-Vehicle Mobile Router

Pro EMS Using In-Vehicle Mobile Router

Press Release May 23, 2012

May 18, 2012

CAMBRIDGE, MA—In Motion Technology, the leader in mobile networking systems, announced that Professional Ambulance Service (Pro EMS) has integrated the onBoard Mobile Gateway, a rugged in-vehicle mobile router and onBoard Mobility Manager, a management system to provide greater interoperability for recent EMS technological advances. These enhancements and improvements will provide superior emergency medical services from the patient's point of view, better life-saving patient insights to paramedics at the scene and en route to hospital, and more efficient and effective fleet management and operations.

Pro EMS provides emergency medical services to the City of Cambridge, MA, in conjunction with the Cambridge Fire, Police, Emergency Communications and Public Health Departments. Pro EMS was the first ambulance service in Massachusetts, and one of only five in New England, to be accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services for its compliance with national standards.

"Pro EMS' belief is that with the right applications, right hardware and the right technology in place, the care that is provided to our patients will be the very best possible, and with In Motion Technology's solution, we are able to deliver this," says Tim Harren, Pro EMS, director of IT.

Pro EMS has equipped each ambulance with the latest EMS technology:

  • In-Vehicle Mobile Router—providing multi-network connectivity over depot-area and multiple wide-area broadband networks to maintain seamless and secure connections to all devices and applications including GPS and vehicle diagnostic systems.
  • Computer Aided Dispatch Technology—fielding emergency calls or scheduling routine pickups for ground transports to reduce EMS response times.
  • Automated Billing and Instant Claim Monitoring System—verifying patient transport, auditing the billing details and transmitting claims with proper electronic standards to eliminate time-consuming, error-prone and duplicated data entry.
  • Electronic Patient Care Reporting (EPCR)—streamlining data collection in the field, delivering accurate patient reports, and improving overall operations to eliminate inefficient paper processes, increase manpower efficiency, and improve compliance.
  • Event-Based Video Monitoring System—monitoring driver behavior to reduce collision-related expenses and fuel costs by identifying and addressing poor driving.
  • Situational Awareness & Data Intelligence System—providing real-time situational awareness and data intelligence for automated alerting and further data analysis.
  • 12-Lead ECG with Bluetooth—providing semi-automated and manual defibrillation to patients and transmitting directly to the emergency room to reduce the door-to-balloon time.
  • Radio Systems—maintaining communications with all members and vehicles with two separate and independent radio systems to ensure paramedics are connected to the City of Cambridge Emergency Services, Metro-Boston Central Medical Emergency Direction (CMED), Boston Area Mutual Aid (BAMA) network and Pro EMS Base Operations.
  • Ruggedized Laptops—wireless laptops that convert from a powerful notebook PC to a convenient tablet PC with one quick swivel to provide paramedics with the ability to quickly and efficiently handled patient care reports.
  • Collaborative Dispatch System—providing information from separate dispatch systems for easy collaboration between multiple agencies to one portal allowing police, fire and EMS to share data without going over budget.

"Professional EMS is taking full advantage of technology and focusing on providing the the best
care possible," says Tony Morris, In Motion Technology's vice president of sales and marketing.

About Professional Ambulance Service
Professional Ambulance Service (Pro EMS) provides emergency medical services to the City of Cambridge, MA, in conjunction with the Cambridge Fire, Police, Emergency Communications and Public Health Departments. Additionally, Pro EMS provides emergency medical services to Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Professional Ambulance has proudly served the citizens, students, and visitors of Cambridge for over 35 years. For more information, visit

About In Motion Technology Inc.
In Motion Technology is the leader in mobile networking systems that provide organizations with secure, manageable end-to-end communications, serving all systems in and around the vehicle using multiple broadband networks. The onBoard Mobile Networking System includes onBoard Mobile Gateway (patented Mobile Wireless Hot Spot System, US Patent #7,382,771), a rugged in-vehicle mobile router, onBoard Connection Manager, a mobile-optimized security system and onBoard Mobility Manager, a powerful management platform. The system provides an integrated end-to-end solution that provides a common architecture for managing and extending the enterprise environment to mobile users. In Motion’s solutions are used by hundreds of transportation, public safety, utility, municipal, and healthcare organizations worldwide. For more information, please call Amanda Keating at 202/441-5332 or visit In Motion Technology, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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