Emergency Care Packs and Bags by Conterra Now Available From theEMSstore.com

Emergency Care Packs and Bags by Conterra Now Available From theEMSstore.com

Press Release Aug 15, 2012

Coatesville, PA (theEMSstore.com) August 13, 2012: theEMSstore.com realizes that not all calls happen in the usual environments. Many professionals spend their careers in more extreme and demanding situations – making a difference every day for those in need. Conterra Technical Systems bags and packs give rescue professionals the type of gear they need for the unique requirements of their specific roles.

Conterra has been building top-quality, American made technical equipment for over 28 years in Bellingham, Washington. Their bags and packs open with as few operations as possible, speeding up your response time while decreasing the need for bio cleanup. They use absolutely the strongest, highest-quality materials available including Ballistics nylon, #10 coil zippers, and even a fluid-proof label made of injection-molded vinyl. All of their equipment also features a lifetime guarantee.

Here are a few of the Conterra systems available at TheFireStore.com – where together we are making a difference every day.

Conterra’s USAR LS Medical Response Pack is built for industry or event response with nearly 100% utilized volume. It starts with a rugged, space-efficient USAR pack and adds the extra features and carrying capacity of the LS Response pack. The addition of the LS Response pack allows the USAR the ability to carry an AED, hydration bladder, and extra trauma and assessment supplies. The LS quick connects to the USAR and doesn’t hinder access to the USAR three pockets. In technical environments, the LS can be detached and worn separately.

The suspension system is the same that Conterra uses on their technical climbing packs, and it folds away when the USAR pack is used as a duffel bag. Originally designed for the ultra-elite FBI Hostage Rescue Team, this highly-specialized pack is made from ballistics nylon and Cordura™ and is designed with a unique shape. This is a perfect combo for industry or event response.

The Strike ERT Pack is a scalable response pack for on-the-go disaster team response. Six years in the making, the Strike ERT Pack System is a revolutionary concept in disaster team response. Conterra took ideas from Katrina, Haiti, and the Sumatra Tsunami to create a scalable response pack system.

It is sized for air travel as a great carry on, and when you get off the plane. You can deploy the shoulder straps and hip suspension to turn the bag into a top-loading backpack. It has a 2,600 cubic inch bag with a clamshell-style opening and waterproof zippers on both the main and end pockets. The main body of the pack is armored with multiple fabric layers, and the pack sports multiple carry handles. The inside lid is covered in veltex fabric should you need to add internal pockets.

Attach a LS Response Pack to the back to add more capability. For even more room add the Wing Tanks and Long Range Suspension (sold separately) to make a 5,000 cubic inch pack. Once at the deployment site, you can choose to use the LS, the Strike, or the LS/Strike combo.

The Longbow Ranger Mountain Pack is a light, fast, mid-sized pack made specifically for the rescue professional. It is built from the ground up as a wilderness/alpine rescue pack perfect for search and rescue when going “light and lean” is essential.

A large zippered medical supplies compartment is separate from the main and probe pockets. It is large enough to accommodate wilderness gear including skis. Built out of Conterra’s super-light diamond plate pack cloth, the pack has a top loading body and multiple exterior tool loops. Conterra poured almost 30 years of pack building experience into the Ranger and the result is by far the most technically advanced pack that Conterra has ever produced.

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Conterra’s Techsar® Transformer Quick Response Pack is really FOUR packs in one: a well-designed small jump bag, a fanny pack, an adjustable radio carrier, and a load-bearing medical vest. Organizing pockets and keepers are made to carry BLS equipment, and the pack is sized to fit behind aircraft seats or storage compartments. When the going gets tough, two pockets swing out to reveal a two-inch hip belt suspension which allows the Techsar® Transformer to be carried as an aid belt.

In highly technical terrain or when a backpack must be worn, a chest harness suspension deploys to make the Techsar® Transformer a load-bearing medical vest! And bonus: the radio pocket is completely removable and can be worn on your belt.

Conterra’s Flightline Aero-Medical Pack is designed to be ultra-compact for helicopter use. The tough Flightline has a small footprint when closed but opens to show a surprisingly roomy main compartment with a removable SAM splint as the frame stiffener. Featured zippered end pockets and fold out wing pockets with multiple carrying options. The inside is completely customizable using Conterra modular organizers and pockets.

The Flightline Ultra Aero-Medical Pack, big brother of the Flightline pack, has extra carrying capability with a slim profile. It has a fold away backpack suspension, hideaway shoulder strap, and tear away trauma pouch. The Ultra also uses a SAM splint XL as its pack frame. The pack is long enough to carry a “D” O-2 bottle. It is built from super strong Cordura and ballistic nylon with rubber grab handles and a lifetime guarantee. Of course it is built to Conterra’s legendary standards here in the U.S.A.

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