NREMT Board Selects New Executive Director

NREMT Board Selects New Executive Director

Press Release Nov 20, 2012

The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) Board of Directors announces the selection of Severo (Tré) Rodriguez, III, MS, AEMCA, NREMT-P as the new executive director.

Mr. Rodriguez will begin his employment with the NREMT in early 2013 and assume the role of Executive Director upon the retirement of William E. Brown, Jr.

The selection was made after a 14 month national search process led by Immediate Past Chairman Peter Glaeser, MD. The search committee included NREMT board members, staff and legal counsel.

On behalf of the board, Chair Tommy Loyacono stated, "The Board of Directors is excited about Tré’s appointment as our next executive director. He has worked in EMS for his entire life as a clinical provider, an educator and an administrator. He has a unique combination of knowledge and life experiences that we believe make him an ideal person to work with our national partners and lead the National Registry to the next level."

Mr. Rodriguez was certified as a paramedic in the state of Texas in 1993 and nationally certified in 1994. He has extensive experience in EMS education in Texas, Florida and Ontario. He is currently completing his doctoral studies in Learning Management. Tré commented, "These are exciting and challenging times for our nation's EMS systems. I look forward to working with the great staff of the NREMT and our national partners to optimize EMS based care through national EMS certification."

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