MVP - Manual Vacuum Pump

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MVP - Manual Vacuum Pump


Product Features:

  • State of the art, high vacuum, light, portable emergency suction device
  • One hand operation
  • 100° swivel allows better accessibility in tight situations and helps to prevent premature overflow
  • Efficient operation and simple maintenance
  • Built-in overflow protection
  • Disposable collection jar and both adult and child catheter

Product Specifications:

  • Vacuum (Max): -550mmHg
  • Peak free airflow: >20 l/min
  • Disposable container volume: 300ml
  • External diameter of cap (Suction port): 17mm
  • External diameter of catheter connection: 13mm and 6mm
  • Operating environmental temperature: -20°C + 50°C
  • Storage environmental temperature: -40°C + 60°C

Performance values given are achievable under test conditions. They may vary during actual use.