Mirage LT2

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Mirage LT2



  • Aerodynamic roof design with incorporated LED warning lights for greater safety and fuel cost savings of up to 12%
  • 65” (173 cm) interior headroom


  • Cabinetry construction of lightweight materials combining Demers-exclusive “Interlock” rounded aluminum extrusion with modular fiberglass cabinet inserts, shatterproof Lexan doors and aluminum panels for a safer work environment, long-lasting interior, better resale value and superior fuel economy
  • Sub-floor plywood with lap joint construction to eliminate floor cracking. Strong, durable aluminum extrusions with permanent rolled edge provide the foundation for mounting the cabinetry and squad bench, while supporting the rolled edge flooring material. Ultra-strong construction for durability, increased safety and minimum bacterial infiltration
  • Excellent payload capacity of over 1800 lbs (816 kg), offering additional space for medical equipment


  • Demers Management Electronic System Multiplex (DEMS) offering full operational flexibility to easily customize the vehicle’s electrical features to specific needs
  • 0-15 minute programmable timer for interior lighting (halogen or LED)
  • Separate Multiplex controlled heat & A/C systems for maximum climate control and efficient air circulation, and for easier diagnostics and service
  • Exclusive Heads-Up Console (HUC) on dashboard provides easy access to ambulance features while letting drivers keep their eyes on the road for increased safety
  • 100-watt electronic siren with dual grille-mounted speakers ideal for sound projection and inside cab comfort


  • Although designed to meet the new KKK specifications, the unit still allows for the transport of a second patient on a backboard
  • Tracked stair chair stowage for both Ferno & Stryker chairs
  • Portable O2 stowage at side entry door
  • Large stowage compartment with straps on main cabinet wall
  • Monitor/defibrillator stowage on sliding & swivel mount
  • Captain’s chair attendant seat with 3-point seat belt
  • Ergonomic rear vertical space for main oxygen bottle
  • 2 backboards, plus scoop stretcher stowage inside squad bench
  • Personal gear stowage module in cab
  • Double lock drug compartment located in the partition



Available on GM Chevrolet Express Cargo Van 3500 155" 2010 chassis


Engine: VORTEC 6.0 liter V8 SFI gasoline engine including auxiliary transmission oil cooler

Wheelbase: 155 in. (419 cm)

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Transmission: 4 Speed HD automatic transmission

GVWR : up to 9,600 lbs (4,357 kg) (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating)



Engine: 6.6 liter Duramax 6600 V8 Turbo Diesel

Wheelbase: 155 in. (419 cm)

Transmission: 4 Speed HD automatic transmission

GVWR: 9,600 lbs (4,357 kg) (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating)


Plus multiple options to build the Mirage LT2 E your way.