5 Gallon Pharmaceutical Waste System

5 Gallon Pharmaceutical Waste System

5 Gallon Pharmaceutical Waste System Product Image

This XMED Mail System container is intended for pharmaceutical waste. The internal container is 14 ½” x 13 ½” x 10 ½” and the XMED box is 16” x 16 ¼” x 15”. Many different types of facilities are now using this container to prevent common pharmaceuticals from entering the universal waste stream and our groundwater. The products returned in this container should be non-controlled substance pharmaceuticals. Controlled substances should be strictly managed in compliance with federal and state regulations in your location. The maximum weight for this container is 25 pounds. $139.95

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Triage Tarp

Product From Basic Medical / Med-Tech Resource MTR

20' x 30' treatment tarps with grommets to immediately establish and identify treatment areas (12 positions per tarp - sewn on).

• 20' x 30'
• Waterproof
• 4 Colors Available
• 12 Positions (Only Tarp With This Option)

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Triage Medical Pack

Product From Hartwell Medical Corp.

Tactical Medical Packs has unveiled its newest product, the Triage Medical Pack, for use by professional emergency responders. Triage Medical Packs consist of compact treatment packs, one for airway emergencies and one for bleeding emergencies. They’re available individually or in pre-packed kits. Designed for single- or multi-casualty incidents, the packs are intended for single-patient use in the treatment of “immediate” level patients who are experiencing a critical airway and/or bleeding emergency. Tx4 and Tx8 Triage Medical Kits provide a first responder with the essential tools to rapidly treat “immediate” patients while performing initial triage. The packs are available exclusively through Hartwell Medical.

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E/T Lights Versions 1, 2, 3 and 4

Product From Southwest Synergistic Solutions, LLC

Version 1 combines - constant infrared, flashing infrared, red, green, blue, off and sequence restarts. Color selection lock feature not activated.

Version 2 combines - constant infrared, flashing infrared, red, flashing red, green, flashing green, blue, flashing blue, off and sequence restarts. Color selection lock feature not activated.

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Pediatric Dispos-A-Board

Product From EMS Innovations, Inc.

A complete and patented pediatric immobilization package that eliminates the time and expense of a plastic backboard. Because it is disposable, the need to decontaminate, recover, and struggle with retrieving missing parts to your plastic pediatric board. An integrated head immobilizer and pediatric "head-drop" system allows proper spinal alignment and airway positioning. This disposable pediatric backboard package is the answer to spending time and money to decontaminate and reclaim your plastic backboard. EMS Innovations manufactures this backboard in the United States and holds the patent to its design. Accept no imitation of this revolutionary spinal immobilization system.

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The E-Surge Kit

Product From VORTRAN Medical Technology 1, Inc.

Organized for rapid deployment in Disaster Preparedness, MCI , emergency backup for ventilator surge, infection control, Bio Medical, back feed main oxygen system @ 50 psig from cylinders (K Size). Use single gas source connection for multiple ventilators with the seven (7) multi-outlet manifold (male DISS) oxygen with auto shut-off. The pressure gauge, regulator, and 20’ non-conductive oxygen supply hose are included. The E-Surge Kit™ provides resuscitators, flow meters, VAR-Monitors, and HME filters. The E-Vent Case™ provides for choice of configuration to fit any unique situation.

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FSI 110 bed surge capacity field hospital

Product From FSI North America, A Division of Fire Safety International, Inc.

Five approx. 1,000 sq ft. interconnected - 24 private bed/room, insulated, HVAC capable, mobile field hospital shelters complete with all supporting products inclusive of cots, bedding, showers, toilets, EMS supplies, et al.

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Turbo-UV Portable Ambulance Sanitizer

Product From MRSA-UV, LLC

Turbo-UV™ is the smallest yet most powerful commercial grade UVC room sanitizer on the market. Due to its size it is ideal for sanitizing ambulances, bathrooms, lockers, garages, restroom stalls, kitchens, small offices, store rooms, waiting rooms, examining rooms, showers and much more! Turbo-UV™ is lightweight but packs a heavy germicidal punch killing bacteria, virus and mold. Turbo-UV™ is also fully remote controlled for added ease and safety.

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QRAE 3 Full-Featured, 4-Gas Wireless Monitor

Product From RAE Systems, Inc.

RAE Systems' new QRAE 3 is a versatile, rugged, one- to four-sensor pumped or diffusion gas monitor that provides continuous exposure monitoring of oxygen (O2), combustibles and toxic gases, including hydrogen sulfide (H

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AP 3000

Product From activTek Health Solutions

Portable, self-contained unit. Fully adjustable fan speed/purifier levels for varying environmental conditions and needs. Settings, adjustments and maintenance reminders are displayed on LCD screen. Optional elevated adjustable Ozone treatment for problem areas (to be used in unoccupied spaces only). Comes with remote control.

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Quik-CareĀ® Foam Hand Sanitizer

Product From Ecolab/Microtek Medical

Quik-Care® Foam Hand Sanitizer is ideal for situations when there is simply no time or place to wash with soap and water. It is formulated with 62.5% ethyl alcohol and provides fast, proven antimicrobial efficacy against a wide range of microorganisms. Visit

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