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Advanced Airway Management Skills Simulation Training & Feedback Manikin


The first system to bring Advanced Airway Management Simulation Training and Basic CPR Skills Training to you with Real Time Visual Color Feedback.


Effectiveness of Intubating a Victim:  

-       Practice placing an Advanced Airway with an endotracheal tube, and a variety of perilaryngeal and esophageal devices.

-       Real time feedback lets you know if the airway device is correctly placed, how long it took and if there is an effective seal.


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Time Ventilations with Release of Chest during Continuous Chest Compressions:  

-       Airway SmartMan accurately recreates the natural reverse flow of air into the lungs on release of a chest compression.

-       With a perilaryngeal device correctly placed, a ventilation accurately timed with the release of the chest is able to deliver 0.5l – 0.6l of air into the lungs within 0.3 sec.

-       This provides the victim with oxygenated blood and uninterrupted compressions


Effectiveness of Two Rescuer CPR:

-       Practice a full cycle of CPR with continuous chest compressions on an intuited victim, ventilations, swapping roles and placing an intubation device.


All SmartMan Training Systems feature:

-       Real Time Feedback using Easy to Understand Color Bar Graphs.

-       In both Practice and Test Modes, you can choose to perform Skills with the Visual Feedback on or off.

-       Airway SmartMan can also be used to train for correct Chest Compressions and BLS Ventilations with a BVM