Powerful Workforce Management

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Powerful Workforce Management


Our product suite offers modules to help organize your entire EMS, fire or air medical agency.

Custom Online Scheduling
Customize Your Schedule, Policies & Rules to Suit Your Agency’s Needs

No more paper schedules. No more discrepancies or missed shifts due to clerical errors. EMS eSchedule streamlines your entire organization’s schedule into an easy-to-use web-based application. The heart of EMS eSchedule centers around the scheduling module. Tightly integrated with other features, the schedule is the core software – allowing you to place your agency’s schedule online in a secure, centralized location.

Time Clock With Payroll Integration
Our Time Clock Module interacts seamlessly with the Scheduling module. All members of your agency (including volunteers) can punch in & out using our simple web-based time clock interface. Simply enter your username and password and the software will automatically and immediately check the schedule to verify the member is currently scheduled to work. Any discrepancies will require an explanation by the member and approval by a supervisor. And the best part: The Time Clock module interfaces directly with most payroll companies!

Certification, Training & CME Tracking
The ability to maintain and track staff skill levels is critical to the success of any organization. Do you know when your members’ certifications are due to expire? Worse yet, has a member worked a shift with an expired certification?

Our Certification, Training & CME tracking module offers an invaluable way to stay on top of all your members’ training status including progress toward recertification. View our website for a complete list of features & benefits.

Personnel Management
With so many moving parts within an agency, it’s easy to lose track of critical things that keep your organization running smoothly. Our newest & rapidly expanding area, Personnel Management, offers you a variety of modules to assist you in keeping your agency worry free.