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ViralClyns™ is the only cost-effective, flat fold N-95 respirator with the comfort and breathability of a facemask plus an infused EPA-registered antimicrobial.

You no longer have to sacrifice comfort, fit and breathability to get the filtration protection of a NIOSH-certified, N95 respirator. Introducing the ViralClyns Series N95 respirator with antimicrobial protection.

Made and manufactured in the U.S., this ultra-comfortable respirator looks and feels like a face mask, yet has the filtration power of a NIOSH-certified, N95 respirator, meaning it filters out at least 95 percent of airborne particles that may contain microorganisms.

In addition, the outer surface is coated with an EPA-approved antimicrobial, providing an added layer of product protection against a variety of microorganisms.