H&H Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit

H&H Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit

H&H Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit Product Image

The H&H Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit contains the tools needed in emergency situations to perform a cricothyrotomy. An emergency cricothyrotomy is a surgical procedure used to gain prompt access to an otherwise compromised and inaccessible airway. An emergency cricothyrotomy consists of requires basic equipment in the field. The H&H Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit has everything trauma personnel will need:

  • Scalpel #10 blade for incisions
  • Endotracheal tube, 6 Fr. Cuffed for maintaining an open airway
  • 10cc syringe for irrigation
  • Curved Kelly Hemostat for clamping or opening.
  • News Tracheal Hook

The H&H Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit is one of many custom use kits designed by H&H with the first responder in mind.

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King LTS-D Supraglottic Airway

Product From Bound Tree Medical

The King LTS-D is a versatile, simple-to-use airway management tool that provides a patent airway and positive pressure ventilation with seal pressures. It is easy to insert and is strategically designed to minimize airway trauma. It comes in a full range of color-coded sizes and is completely disposable. Visit

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EMMA Capnograph

Product From Masimo Corporation

The EMMA Capnograph requires virtually no warm-up time, with full accuracy in 15 seconds to measure end-tidal carbon dioxide (EtCO2) and respiration rate (RR). The continuous capnogram allows for confirmation of endotracheal tube placement, enables clinicians to assess the depth and effectiveness of compressions and allows clinicians to recognize return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC). EMMA is small and portable, featuring a lightweight design that fits in the palm of your hand for unmatched mobility and convenience during short-term EtCO

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Product From KARL STORZ Endoscopy America Inc.

Our new C–MAC S Video Laryngoscope Single–Use Blades are an ideal solution that offers virtually no reprocessing or transport issues for emergency and prehospital situations. Our Macintosh and Miller blade designs allow you to retain your direct laryngoscopy skills as well as utilizing the recording capability, providing the perfect combination for Quality Assurance initiatives. Visit

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C-MAC Family

Product From KARL STORZ Endoscopy America Inc.

The C-MAC system is designed as a complete video intubation platform and is more than just a video laryngoscope. The C-MAC offers a full line of blade sizes to accommodate neonate through adult patients. In addition to video laryngoscopy, this system allows the use of flexible (video and fiber) scopes and optical stylets using the C-CAM camera head. Our Macintosh and Miller blade design allows you to retain your direct laryngoscopy skills as well utilizing the recording capability providing the perfect combination for Quality Assurance initiatives. Visit

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Mini-Tek A - AIrway Case

Product From Biotek

The Mini-Tek A provides more than sufficient space for all your ALS or advanced EMT airway equipment needs.  The lid component individually holds items in place for quick and easy access.  The bottom compartment has a clear acrylic compartment for easy access to many items.  Velcro is utilized in the bottom for securing your BVM, masks, tubing, BP cuff and all else that is considered an essential part of your airway management protocol.

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WoundStop Bandages

Product From PerSys Medical

WoundStop™ bandages are cost effective wound care solutions for mild to moderate bleeds. These bandages utilize a non-adherent pad, pressure applicator, elastic wrap and closure bar in a ready-to-deploy sterile package. This life-saving technology offers the same features as the original Israeli Bandage® while offering a more lightweight material, more compact packaging and less cost.

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Flow-SafeĀ® II EZ Disposable CPAP System

Product From Mercury Medical

The Flow-Safe® II EZ Disposable CPAP System from Mercury Medical is the only system that has so many advantages, it gives you an advantage in life-saving emergencies. Features an integrated nebulizer, a built-in manometer and pressure relief valve, advanced mask design, and consumes 50% less oxygen.

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Product From Vivid Medical

VividTrac® is a single use video intubation device, with USB interface that is open system, working on any Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems, resulting in no proprietary system cost.

Visit Vivid Medical at

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H&H Thin H Compression Bandage

Product From H & H Medical Corporation

The H&H Thin H Compression Bandage provides the same emergency trauma capabilities as our standard H-Bandage but in a smaller, more versatile package. Manufactured with a 4″ x 7.5″ ABD pad, the product is vacuum sealed and flat-folded to be small enough to fit in a standard size pocket. With our proprietary elastic strap and using our unique, H-shaped cleat, the Thin H provides the same compressive force as our larger H Bandage while fitting easily into small kits or packs.

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QuikClot EMS Products

Product From Z-Medica Corporation

Visit Z-Medica at Booth 522 during EMS World Expo 2013, Sept. 8–12 in Las Vegas, NV. Register today at EMSWorldExpo.com.

The QuikClot EMS 4x4 Dressing, QuikClot EMS TraumaPad and QuikClot EMS Rolled Gauze, from Z-Medica, are all custom-designed to help responders stop bleeding fast and keep patients alive until they can be transported to a hospital or trauma center. These QuikClot products are infused with kaolin, which initiates the body’s natural coagulation cascade, rapidly accelerating clotting without an exothermic reaction.

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