9-1-1 Adviser

9-1-1 Adviser

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The Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International's call-taking software recently underwent a rebranding to 9-1-1 Adviser. The easy-to-use software interfaces with current Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems or stands alone to provide practical instructions for public safety telecommunicators. 9-1-1 Adviser guides public safety telecommunicators through emergency calls by populating the appropriate questions and actions on their computer screens. Additionally, telecommunicators can quickly access key functions, such as CPR, childbirth, obstructed airway and airway control that are always available at the top of the screen.




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Emware Emergency Software Suite

Product From Emware

The Emware Emergency Software Suite is the next step in EMS software solutions. It brings the power of the Internet to the long forgotten small EMS provider, something that has not been done before. Functionality, ease of use and affordability are now at everyone’s disposal. Individual applications like CAD, fleet management, inventory and scheduling are now available to smaller organizations at a fraction of the cost with a high level of interoperability.

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Product From MedaPoint, Inc.

Our clients challenged us to build a dispatch (CAD) program that is intuitive to use, provides feature and functionality not present in competitive offerings, is cost effective and integrates with AdvanceClaim, as well as other third party applications. We did just that—AdvanceDispatch™. The system was designed from the ground up for transport services and is customizable to meet each individual client’s specific needs.

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Ambulance Commander from Digitech

Product From Digitech Computer, Inc.

Ambulance Commander® is Digitech’s integrated suite of products and services. We provide robust and comprehensive support for all data management associated with billing ambulance transport claims. Ambulance Commander®'s features include Portal™ secure patient access; Sentinel™ metrics monitor; Appeal-IT™ automated appeals system; Dashboard™ real-time metrics; SecureDocs® document imaging system, PCR Lens™ data quality monitoring system; and Sleuth™ demographic search tool. Visit

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Product From Intermedix Corporation

Complete patient care records securely and efficiently with TripTix, a NEMSIS Gold Compliant data collection tool for EMS, fire and first responder agencies. With TripTix, patient care reports are quickly and securely completed and integrated with our billing platform. Visit 

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EchoView Host mini-controller

Product From RAE Systems, Inc.

The EchoView Host mini-controller is the cornerstone of RAE Systems’ Closed-Loop Wireless Solutions for portable gas monitors. This rugged handheld wireless device can establish a self-contained, self-sufficient network with up to eight supported RAE Systems’ ToxiRAE Pro monitors. Applications for the EMS industry include fire scene, hospital and industrial hazmat response.

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C4i Radio Interface Unit


The Radio Interface Unit (RIU) provides a seamless interface between radios and telephony assets using Voice Over IP technology. The RIU can be used standalone as a Radio Over IP (ROIP) gateway or as part of a larger total C4i communications solution. It can also be integrated with other open standards types solutions utilizing SIP or RTP protocols.

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Catalyst IP|Consoleā„¢

Product From Catalyst Communications Technologies Inc.

The Catalyst IP|Console™ now allows public safety and other critical communications dispatchers to better manage the priority of Push-To-Talk (PTT) calls on commercial networks like Verizon Wireless and to better manage subscribers from other agencies that use these networks. Using Catalyst's exclusive IntelliLink™ technology, broadband PTT calls are routed to Project 25, SmartNet®, EDACS™, DMR, and other radio systems for instant communications. Dispatchers can monitor this traffic and the elevated priority status both visually and audibly and can revert to standard priority with a single mouse click.

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ProQA Paramount

Product From Priority Dispatch Corp./National Acadamies of Emergency Dispatch

ProQA Paramount from Priority Dispatch Corporation enhances the user experience. The PDC research and development team reconfigured the workstation, server, and database. The proven call and user interface are unchanged, helping make user transition seamless. New technology and capabilities allow the addition of long-requested features: failover capability even when all servers go down, expanded text fields, interactive Rule of Nines diagram, smart PDIs, automatic updates, no dongle on the workstation, and user-set cursor priority with a code level. ProQA Paramount interface Xlerator coordinates data flow across applications. It enhances a CAD's capacity to capture real-time medical, fire, and police data while maintaining a simultaneous data string to a third-party application such as FirstWatch or PSiam. The same data automatically feeds into the AQUA Quality Assurance software.

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GPS Navigation and Management System

Product From Traumasoft

Within minutes you can start tracking your fleet with Traumasoft's easy-to-use GPS Navigator. Designed specifically for the EMS industry, with custom geo-fencing, the ability to monitor speed, direction, location, and more. This GPS tracking system is fully integrated with all necessary Traumasoft modules, effectively creating a seamless experience.

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onBoard Mobility Manager

Product From In Motion Technology Inc.

In Motion’s onBoard™ Mobility Manager is a network management system that collects and analyzes data from In Motion's onBoard Mobile Gateways.  Available as a hosted service or separate appliance, the onBoard Mobility Manager lets you manage your entire mobile network just as you would your corporate network.  The onBoard Mobility Manager performs all standard network management functions, including fault management, configuration, statistics, performance and security.  Accessible from any browser, operations can securely manage the fleet, modify configurations, monitor network coverage and on-board assets with Wi-Fi tags, track vehicles, troubleshoot IT devices and more.

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