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Virtual Classroom


Designed specifically for the EMS industry, Virtual Classroom is a flexible web-based training and testing application. You can create, administer and manage education and testing programs easily for all employees. Paramedics, drivers, administrators and managers can maintain compliancy with regulatory agencies like OSHA and HIPPA with comprehensive electronic recordkeeping and reporting features.

VC provides complete flexibility and customization with the ability to test via multiple choice, true/false, essays, timed and un-timed tests. VC supports and allows customization of pdf, image and video presentation formats. Tests can be graded automatically with pass, fail, or percentage results initiating additional "next step" action. In fact, the entire testing process can be virtually automated, including requiring re-takes for individuals who do not satisfy examination requirements. Each attempt is automatically saved electronically to the individual's personal file

Employees can now take a company exam from home or during "down-time" while on duty. VC improves employee morale and productivity by minimizing physical attendance at company training sessions.