Littmann: 2141 Master Classic II Stethoscope, 27" Latex-Free

Littmann: 2141 Master Classic II Stethoscope, 27" Latex-Free

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For the Professional. A high-performance since-lumen tubing for excellent acoustic performance.

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Product From S&S Medical Products, LLC

Help stop the spread of infection with this easy to use barrier protection for stethoscopes. StethoCLEAN™ is the cutting edge solution invented by a nurse to keep the patient and caregiver safe from dirty stethoscopes. Each StethoCLEAN™ unit is disposable and provides 20 clean patient touches per unit. It is latex free.

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S3 Stat Stethoscope Tape Holder

Product From StatGear

The S3 Stat™ is a patent-pending new medical accessory developed by a NY City paramedic, which finally solves the problem most healthcare professionals face of keeping their routinely used medical tape handy.

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LOLA Advanced Assessment stethoscope

Product From LOLA Advanced Assessment

The LOLA Advanced Assessment stethoscope is an innovative tool that combines multiple patient assessment tools into one package: the stethoscope, penlight, pupil gauge and ruler. Each stethoscope comes with a clear set of comfortable earbuds, three extra pairs of earbuds and an extra battery for the light. The stethoscope head is stainless steel, and the tympanum is a clear plastic. A push button located conveniently on the top of the head activates the LED light. A pupil gauge with examples of pupil sizes from 1–8 mm is located right on the LOLA stethoscopes non-latex tubing, making it easy to see and use. There’s also a 40 cm ruler printed on the tube, complete with millimeter markings.

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3M Littmann Stethoscopes

Product From

The 3M Littmann Stethoscopes designed for EMT/EMS are specific stethoscopes that feature great sound quality and noise reduction technology to help eliminate ambient noise so you can hear heart and lung sounds clearly. As with all these stethoscopes they are built to stand up to daily wear and tear while providing outstanding sound quality for years.

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RES-Q SLING™ PRO Search and Rescue Sling Pack

Product From MERET

The RES-Q SLING™ PRO Search and Rescue Sling Pack is built for the professional, built to help you rapidly and proficiently deploy medical care during critical moments and save lives. Built from the strongest materials and a smart design, the RES-Q SLING™ PRO’s provides a unique hands-free minimalist sling design that gets you and your gear into tight spaces when lives depend on it. The RES-Q SLING™ PRO offers versatility for confined space rescue teams, tactical response teams, and emergency search and rescue teams. The sling pack design fits diagonally across your body, taking up minimal space while offering significant storage and access to supplies. Four large front side zippered pockets, two outer quick access pockets and four large backside zippered pockets, as well as dual secured shears pockets, provide ample storage for an assortment of supplies. A front side elastic mesh pouch sits just at arm’s length for quick access. Pockets on the backside can easily be rotated around your body to be accessed from the front, or the RES-Q SLING™ can be securely attached to your belt so it will not move if you are inverted. Visit

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Product From First Line Technology

MCIBlocks are a modular storage, transport and deployment system color-coded to triage standards for easy identification. Based on the patented Loadmaster® modular stacking system, MCIBlocks stack securely for a small footprint inside of trailers or warehouses. Wheeled for rapid deployment, the waterproof case protects medical items in the cache and is pre-filled with EMS supplies for 25 patients. Visit

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Belt Trauma Kit (BTK)

Product From Z-Medica Corporation

Whether it’s you, your buddy or a victim, stopping traumatic bleeding quickly can mean the difference between life and death. Emergency medical care may not always be available, but the BTK—Belt Trauma Kit—is. This self-contained kit provides the immediate hemostatic medical help you need to save a life. QuikClot® hemostatic products rapidly and effectively stop bleeding with technology that has saved countless lives on the battlefield. The BTK is a compact, lightweight and cost effective way to add another layer of safety to your daily routine. It fits up to a 2 inch belt and can be worn rotated 90 degrees to make room for other gear. The BTK contains the following items:

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Morgan Lens Emergency Ocular Irrigation System

Product From MorTan, Inc.

The Morgan Lens for emergency ocular irrigation. Eliminating lid spasms and pooling it provides thorough, comfortable irrigation and/or medication to the eye using an irrigation solution of choice. In seconds the eye is receiving treatment while the patient rests comfortably or is transported, freeing personnel to treat other injuries. Visit

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Tiny Tot Traveler "Transport"

Product From Tiny Tot Traveler

The transport is 22.5 inches long, 16.5 inches wide and 12 inches tall. Its color coating is baked on to create a strong hard finish and can be cleaned with standard hospital wipes. The transport weight is less then 10 pounds. Each transport is made to carry one child up to 22 inches long when swaddled. The unit has two round and one tray storage areas, a place for a heater under the infant, and a place for the medical record or more storage. There is also a built-in holder for a standard IV pole and room for the power pack and lighting.

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SAM Junctional Tourniquet

Product From Bound Tree Medical

The SAM® Junctional Tourniquet is designed to control extreme bleeding in the extremities, including amputations that occur near the joint. The SAM Junctional Tourniquet is compact for convenient storage and designed for quick application when time is of the essence. For more information, visit

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