VORTRAN APM (Airway Pressure Monitor)

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VORTRAN APM (Airway Pressure Monitor)


The VORTRANĀ®-APM (Airway Pressure Monitor) is a battery (9 VDC) operated, portable, self-contained device that is connected to the patient via the connection kits (various configurations listed above) to monitor cycling conditions of resuscitators, such as the VORTRANĀ® Automatic Resuscitator.

Monitoring parameters include, Peek Inspiratory Pressure(PIP), Respiration Rate, Peek End Expiratory Pressure(PEEP), Inspiratory Time, and Expiratory Time.

The APM also provides 3 alarm limits, High Pressure, High Rate, and a non-cycling alarm which are shown on the LCD display as well as a audible alarm. These settings differ from the adult(RED) and pediatric(BLUE) models for the best clinical practice