ResQPOD Impedance Threshold Device

ResQPOD Impedance Threshold Device

ResQPOD Impedance Threshold Device Product Image

The ResQPOD is an impedance threshold device (ITD) that provides perfusion on demand (POD) by regulating pressures in the thorax during states of hypotension.

Animal and clinical studies have shown that during CPR, the ResQPOD:

  • Doubles blood flow to the heart.
  • Increases blood flow to the brain by 50%.
  • Doubles systolic blood pressure.
  • Increases survival rates.
  • Increases the likelihood of successful defibrillation.
  • Provides benefit in all arrest rhythms.
  • Circulates drugs more effectively.

The ResQPOD is easy to use. It provides a unique way to increase circulation during CPR by refilling the heart after each chest compression. In addition, timing assist lights on the ResQPOD provide guidance on the proper compression and ventilation rates.

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LifeBot ALS Defibrillator

Product From LifeBot, LLC

Introducing the world’s smallest lightest and most affordable portable external cardiac monitor defibrillator pacer system intended for use by paramedic prehospital and hospital clinical professionals. The system is available for international markets only. The company is working to make available a U.S. version soon.

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New Hands-Only CPR Device

Product From CPR RsQ Assist, Inc.

CPR RsQ Assist® is a first-of-its-kind, FDA-approved hands-only chest compression device designed to eliminate the intimidation factor of performing CPR. It has easy-to-follow voice commands, along with an audio and visual metronome. It talks you through the steps of calling 9-1-1, placing the device in the center of the victim's chest, and instructs you to push 100 times per minute until help arrives. To address fatigue, the product also has an ergonomic design with an easy-to-grip, non-slip handle. The design allows you to leverage upper body strength and weight as you push down, delivering quality compressions in the center of the chest, over minimal clothing if needed. CPR RsQ Assist is FDA-approved for use on people 8 years and older. The device is available with a custom-designed wall cabinet and signage for easy placement adjacent to an AED machine, so rescuers have easy access to both lifesaving devices.

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Bound Tree Medical Recertified AEDs and Monitor/Defibrillators and Service Plans

Product From Bound Tree Medical

When seconds count, you need reliable equipment. When budgets count, you need cost-effective solutions that fit with today’s economy. Now, you can have the best of both worlds with the recertified AED and Monitor/Defibrillator program from Bound Tree Medical. Don’t be fooled. Not all recertified programs are alike. Bound Tree Medical’s 11-point checklist for AEDs, and 22-point checklist for monitor/defibrillators, are made by trained technicians in order to adhere to stringent manufacturer guidelines and specifications.

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Pyng Medical FASTResponderâ„¢

Product From Bound Tree Medical

FASTResponder™ by Pyng Medical is a handheld sternal intraosseous device that gives emergency responders the ability to quickly obtain vascular access when peripheral access is difficult or time intensive. Once inserted, fluids and medications can be administered with minimal interruption to CPR efforts and the low profile tubing facilitates patient movement with less risk of dislodge­ment. 

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AED Batteries

Product From BatteryZone

Made by AMCO Manufacturing in Brooklyn, NY, our AED batteries use the same cells as the OEM, offer the same warranty as the OEM and will save you on average $50-75 per battery. They are all FDA 510(k) cleared

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TrueCPR Coaching Device

Product From Physio-Control

Physio-Control's TrueCPR coaching device is a simple-to-use tool that accurately measures manual chest compressions and provides rescuers with high-quality feedback, in both real-time and following a resuscitation event, to optimize manual CPR performance. It utilizes new 3-D magnetic field technology—triaxial field induction—which has been shown to provide accurate CPR depth measurement and help guide rescuers to perform compressions of at least 2 inches (5 centimeters) of depth, meeting American Heart Association and European Resuscitation Council 2010 Guidelines.

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NuMask Ultra-Portable CPR kit

Product From NuMASK, Inc.

Small package, big performance. Much smaller than traditional pocket CPR masks, NuMask’s snorkel-like intraoral seal and simple grip makes mouth-to-mask ventilation easier and more effective than anything else on the market.

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ZOLL AutoPulse

Product From ZOLL Medical Corporation

The AutoPulse® is an automated, portable chest compression device. It is the only mechanical CPR system to have shown improved survival in comparative clinical trials. Most recently a meta-analysis of available clinical findings found that the likelihood of circulation returning was 62% higher with use of the AutoPulse when compared to manual compressions. Visit

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HeartStart MRx Monitor/Defibrillator

Product From Philips Healthcare

Built to be rugged, reliable, and easy-to-use, the Philips HeartStart MRx Monitor/Defibrillator with our advanced DXL 12-Lead ECG algorithm seamlessly provides:

  • Industry-leading patient monitoring capabilities.
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ZOLL X Series Defibrillator Mount

Product From National Creative Enterprises

NCE mounts provide the maximum protection for your ZOLL defibrillator, minimizing the risk of costly repairs due to device impacts or falls during transport. More importantly, these mounts will protect your EMTs from flying defibrillators in the event of a sudden stop, accident or roll-over.

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