MondoVap 2400 Steam Cleaning System

MondoVap 2400 Steam Cleaning System

MondoVap 2400 Steam Cleaning System Product Image

The Complete MondoVap 2400 Institutional System includes:

  • Extended length flexible hose assembly
  • Non-rust utility service cart
  • Portable tool tote
  • Supply bag (attaches to cart)
  • 25-foot heavy-duty extension cord
  • Cotton towels
  • Three extension handles
  • Steam nozzle
  • Turbo nozzle
  • Hydrobroom
  • Large rectangular brush
  • Window cleaning tool with two blades
  • Articulated triangular brush
  • Five 30mm nylon nozzle brushes
  • 38mm round nylon nozzle brush
  • Five 30mm brass nozzle brushes
  • 38mm brass nozzle brush
  • Five 30mm stainless steel nozzle brushes
  • 38mm stainless steel nozzle brush
  • 60mm round nozzle brush
  • Six stainless steel pads
  • Three-year warranty on boiler
  • TANCS system option

One-year warranty on all other parts & accessories against defects in material and workmanship in accordance with the terms and conditions in the limited warranty.

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Mac's Bariatric Ambulance Lift with Strap Support

Product From Mac's Lift Gate, Inc.

What makes the Mac’s Bariatric Lift with Strap Support new is the addition of the Strap Support system. Gravity and the cot's lowest travel position is what keeps the cot on the platform during operation. The four ratchet straps lock the stretcher in place, providing additional safety everyone during the transfer. The lift itself is innovative in that it remains the only lift capable of fitting many ambulances, stows completely out of the way and works with most cots available today.

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EZ Glide with PowerTraxx

Product From Ferno

Visit Ferno at EMS World Expo in Booth 311, September 8–12 in Las Vegas, NV.

The EZ Glide with PowerTraxx from Ferno powers patient loads up to 500 pounds up and down stairs without carrying or lifting. The motor and track system carry the weight, reducing fatigue and the chance for injury. The optional folding head rest doubles as a back rest and can be used as a solid base to start chest compressions for CPR. Visit

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ULTROX Medical Grade Oxygen Cylinder Filling Systems

Product From AirSep Corporation - Commercial Products Div.

Emergency medical services, disaster management agencies, hospitals, clinics and military forces benefit from the reliability and cost effectiveness of Airsep's ULTROX Medical Grade Oxygen Cylinder Filling Systems.

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Power-LOAD Cot Fastener System

Product From Stryker EMS

Power-LOAD helps reduce injuries when loading and unloading. The Power-LOAD cot fastener system from Stryker EMS improves operator and patient safety by supporting the cot and patient throughout the loading and unloading process. By reducing spinal loads on operators, cumulative trauma injuries can be reduced. Power-LOAD wirelessly communicates with Power-PRO cots for maximum convenience and efficiency. Visit

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Product From Ferno

The POWERFlexx+ System delivers advanced power management and features in-the-fastener charging to keep you powered on every call, without having to carry extra batteries or take them out to charge. As soon as you lock into the fastener, the integrated charging system (ICS) charges the battery. The POWERFlexx+ Powered Cot features 700 pounds of unassisted lift capacity. The cot lifts the weight, not the operators, reducing situations where operators may be injured. Visit

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ICE (Interchangeable Cooling Environment)

Product From EMS Innovations, Inc.

EMS Innovations has developed a portable system for use in non-invasive rapid therapeutic cooling and preservation cooling. The ICE

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Mustang Single Pole Traction Device

Product From EP + R Emergency Products + Research

Traction can be applied distally or proximally for femoral and humeral fractures. Unlike all conventional single pole traction devises, the Mustang does not require pole extension beyond the foot, making it ideal for any confined space (e.g., air and wilderness and military rescue.) It can be used with below-the-knee amputations. The pole is made of a strong composite, spaceage carbon material that is x-ray, MRI and CT translucent. Compact and lightweight design—4.5" x 10" (114.3mm x 254mm), 9oz. (0.255146KG)—makes it easy to store in any medical or assault kit. A vacuum seal prevents oxygenation, dust or sand infiltration and allows compact storage. Features easy to follow instructions and a five year warranty. Visit

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RightDose Pediatric & Adult Drug Dosing Guides

Product From The Right Dose Group

The RightDose Pediatric & Adult Drug Dosing Guides address the long standing difficulty of accurately calculating and administering weight-based medications at the point of care. This relatively low frequency, high impact task is often undertaken under extreme situations, increasing provider anxiety.

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SWAT-T Orange

Product From TEMS Solutions, LLC

The SWAT-T Orange is a new and innovative approach to the tactical black SWAT-T that is research-proven and has saved many lives. The SWAT-T is a multi-function trauma care device and has proven safer and more effective than windlass style tourniquets (Military Medicine, 2013), and the new RESCUE Orange color makes it more visible for ease of use and added safety. Visit

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RES-Q SLING™ PRO Search and Rescue Sling Pack

Product From MERET

The RES-Q SLING™ PRO Search and Rescue Sling Pack is built for the professional, built to help you rapidly and proficiently deploy medical care during critical moments and save lives. Built from the strongest materials and a smart design, the RES-Q SLING™ PRO’s provides a unique hands-free minimalist sling design that gets you and your gear into tight spaces when lives depend on it. The RES-Q SLING™ PRO offers versatility for confined space rescue teams, tactical response teams, and emergency search and rescue teams. The sling pack design fits diagonally across your body, taking up minimal space while offering significant storage and access to supplies. Four large front side zippered pockets, two outer quick access pockets and four large backside zippered pockets, as well as dual secured shears pockets, provide ample storage for an assortment of supplies. A front side elastic mesh pouch sits just at arm’s length for quick access. Pockets on the backside can easily be rotated around your body to be accessed from the front, or the RES-Q SLING™ can be securely attached to your belt so it will not move if you are inverted. Visit

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