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Public Safety Communications Solutions


Assured communication under any condition is essential for anyone who serves the public. Agencies and first responders have turned to Agiosat Global Communications to provide innovative "purpose-built" solutions for mission-critical applications since 1997.

Agencies know that Agiosat's solutions ensure availability of their communications connectivity (voice, video, data and 2-way radio) despite interruption or loss of terrestrial-based infrastructure due to man-made or natural disasters. Agiosat's North American Public Safety Network (NAPSN) provides robust communication connectivity that is secure, resilient and economical. Geographically diverse, redundant infrastructure provides uninterrupted availability of services with a family of solutions that:

  • Create terrestrially independent links to backhaul traffic between repeater sites and dispatch centers, freeing valuable radio spectrum and providing resilient connectivity under all hazards, thus enabling agencies to have seamless radio coverage across a state, the nation or around the globe.
  • Provide wide-area interoperable networks—economically—today, via dedicated satellite capacity, covering an entire state or region.
  • Ensure continuity of any agency's communication infrastructure with disaster-proof satellite systems integrated tightly into their existing networks, enabling them to withstand man-made and natural disasters, even those with sustained winds of 200 mph.
  • Replace damaged, or overtaxed communication infrastructure, and fill gaps with portable satellite-based systems that easily integrate and supplement state and local communication networks. These systems can be fixed or portable, and can be integrated into a command vehicle.
  • Permit voice, video and data in an easy to use, portable, or lap-top sized communication system that can be operational in less than 5 minutes without any requirement for technical expertise.
  • Agiosat’s solutions are well qualified under the grant criteria for PSIC. For LMR backhaul, 700 MHz interoperability and mobile solutions, Agiosat offers resilience, portability and flexibility.