Emergency Transport Injured Back Support (ETIBS)

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Emergency Transport Injured Back Support (ETIBS)


The Emergency Transport Injured Back Support (ETIBS) is an emergency back support consisting of quick setting plaster of Paris and an activator in a plastic bag to be used at an accident scene. When used, it immobilizes the lower thoracic and lumbar areas of the spine during the trip from the accident scene to the hospital.

It's prepared by bursting the inner bag containing the activator then kneading the outer bag for approximately 30 seconds until the contents are a toothpaste like consistency. It's then placed on the backboard in the arched area of the lower back. The patient is then placed on it and the "ETIBS" forms to the shape of the body in that area and hardens in approximately 4–6 minutes.

The use of this product is neurosurgeon approved and recommended!