IV Warmer Bag

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IV Warmer Bag


First responders no longer have to worry about pumping room temperature liquids into trauma victims. Using the very same resistive wire technology as in the blanket warmer, Check HealthCare developed an IV warmer bag at the request of many customers.

Many available alternatives such as warming cabinets are cumbersome, inconvenient, inefficient, ineffective and very expensive. Our IV warmer bag is one of a kind!

Holding as many as four 1000ml IV bags at a continuous temperature, we believe the Electric HOTBAG IV Warmer will add great benefits to any operation.

And, the IV warmer is safe, too. It is designed so that its maximum temperature will not allow the IV fluids to exceed natural body temperatures. Most of all, it will allow medical professionals to provide patients with a greater level of care. Check Healthcare's IV warmer will provide emergency first responders the ability to administer critical care and comfort in treating medical emergency prehospital trauma victims.