Non-Adjustable Clear Collar

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Non-Adjustable Clear Collar


The non-adjustable Clear Collar:

  • Available in five sizes—pediatric, adolescent, zero-neck, regular and tall
  • Provides constant visual assessment
  • Allows for early detection of JVD, tracheal shifts, blunt traumas, hematomas and more
  • Minimizes legal liability for undetected injuries
  • Large posterior and anterior openings for easy palpation and access
  • Lightweight and clinically superior

Performance data:

  • MRI / CAT / X-RAY compatible
  • FDA approved material
  • Latex free
  • -20º F / +150º F tested
  • Optimum flexibility and strength
  • Nominal 9.7 by 6.4 cm posterior opening
  • Exceeds torque and pressure tests against competitor collars
  • Patent protected