Microdot® Blood Glucose System

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Microdot® Blood Glucose System


Micro sample size – requires only a 0.6µL droplet of blood

Fast – test results in 10 seconds

Clinical Accuracy – superior GDH-NAD strip chemistry

No interference – common substances do not compromise test results1

Safety - strip eject button provides safe and easy disposal of used test strips

Durability - antimicrobial polyurethane sleeve for added ruggedness

Ease of Use – Simple operation and large, easy-to-read display

1. No interference from more than 20 interfering substances including maltose, oxygen, octagam, icodextrin, IV solutions, ascorbic acid, aspirin, and bilirubin. Meter made in Germany. Test strips made in the United Kingdom. Microdot® test strips and Microdot® control solution sold separately.