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Moulage Workshops


Schedule a convenient moulage workshop for your area that fits your specific training needs.

Moulage I Basics & Beyond: During this 8-hour, hands-on workshop, learn how to use common ingredients, waxes and latex to create realistic secretions, drainage, basic wound staging and props including life-like odors. Includes step-up training to advance your moulage into intermediate and advanced creations.

Moulage II Bridging the Gap: Intermediate/Advanced Moulage: For the intermediate to advanced student who wants to learn how to use heated gels to create life-like three-dimensional wounds that can be sutured, debrided and triaged for a realistic training experience. Moulage I course recommended as a prerequisite. 8-hour workshop.

Trauma & Mass Casualty: An 8 hour moulage course specialized to your individual needs! Learn to create 1st degree through full thickness burns, radiation fallout, knife wounds, entry and exit wounds, sucking chest injuries, plus many, many more! Have specific trauma requirements? We will customize a workshop to include your specific training needs at no extra cost!

Educate the Educator—Putting all the Pieces Together for Successful Simulation: Customize a workshop based exactly on what your facility needs. Take your simulation experience to the next level by custom creaing a workshop that includes everything from educator training to life-like moulage.