Seat Sensor - Passenger Awareness System

Seat Sensor - Passenger Awareness System

Seat Sensor - Passenger Awareness System Product Image

The PROTEK™ Passenger Awareness System for emergency vehicles is designed to enhance the safety of emergency medical technicians by providing valuable and real-time information to both drivers and administrators during vehicle operation.

A visual display panel alerts the driver as to the seated and secured status of the passengers at any time.

The system also offers dual outputs to remind both driver and passengers to buckle up via audio tone feedback.

By utilizing state-of-the-art bend sensor technology, the PROTEK™ system first determines the location of the seated passenger and then indicates whether or not the passenger is secured in safety restraint. Information regarding the safety of the passengers can be used by the driver to modify driving behavior and has the ability to be recorded in the event of an accident when used in conjunction with a vehicle data recorder (VDR) such as the Road Safety Safeforce™ system.

The System is Compatible with the PROTEK™ Advanced Restraint Systems and other style IIC seat belts.

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Verus HD Digital Video System

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The Verus HD digital video system utilizes open standards (non-proprietary) HD/IP cameras and can handle 720p and 1080p. Verus has the ability to record six channels simultaneously in HD quality. Simplified installation uses a single standard Ethernet cable per camera. Visit

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Horton Connect

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Mobile Stroke Unit

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AmbuBus MPMT Type 1 Kit

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L-5500 All-in-One Wireless Vehicle Router

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E-Z O2 Lift

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